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Selected References on Sharks

The National Museum of Natural History receives numerous requests for information on sharks and shark attack. This pamphlet provides a list of selected references divided into five categories: general references, shark attack, shark fishing, selected species, and sensory systems. The citations include both technical and popular publications. An asterisk, *, denotes a book or article that is primarily technical. Most of the general references are, however, a combination of technical details, authoritative information, and a lively text so they could be categorized as both technical and popular.

The publications cited in the following pages are not available from the Smithsonian Institution unless otherwise noted. They can be obtained from most large public libraries or can be requested through an interlibrary loan. Many are currently in print and can be ordered from local bookstores. January, 2003



Shark Cave Photo
Shark Cave. This coral cave forms a dormitory for White-tipped Reef Sharks. Squirrel fish hover above them near the cave roof. Photographed off one of the Pearl Islands on Panama's Pacific Coast. Photo by Carl C. Hansen.


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Shark Attack

Baldridge, H. D.

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Reader's Digest Editors

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1985 See Selected Species

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1987 See General Section

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1993 See General Section

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1983 See General Section

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Shark Fishing

Dunn, B. and P. Goadby

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Selected Species

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Sensory Systems

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Additional Sources of Information

"Shark" by William R. Hall, MAS bulletin published by the University of Delaware Sea Grant Marine Advisory Service. Bulletin may be ordered from the Marine Communications Office, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716. Phone (302) 831-8083. One copy free; multiple copies, $.25 each.

Sea World Education Department Booklet: Sharks and Their Relatives, 3rd edition, 1995, 30 pp. Write to Sea World, 7007 Sea World Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821 or call (407) 351-3600 to order. $5.00 each.

WEB Sites

American Elasmobranch Society home page:

Bibliography of the Megamouth Shark:

Bibliography of the Whale Shark:

California Department of Fish and Game: shark tagging program summary:

Mote Marine Laboratory:

ReefQuest Expeditions: a combination of shark pages and expedition pages. Use your search vehicle such as Google to locate the web site.

Shark Attacks:


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