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Selected Sources of Information on Mollusks

General Reference and Identification Books

Abbott, R. Tucker. Compendium of Landshells. Melbourne, FL: American Malacologists, 1989. 240 pp., 2,000 species of terrestrial shells in color.

______. Kingdom of the Seashell. Melbourne, FL: American Malacologists, 1993. 256 pp.

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Vol. 1: Functional Anatomy and Physiology. 417 pp., text figs.
Vol. 2a: Systematics, Evolution and Ecology. 540 pp., many figs.
Vol. 2b: Economic Malacology with Particular Reference to Achatina fulica. 150 pp., 5 figs.

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Part L: Mollusca 4 (Cephalopoda, Ammonoidea). 490 pp., 3,800 figs.

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