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The Bergonzi Family of Violin Makers

The most illustrious of several violin makers in the Bergonzi family was Carlo, born in Cremona, Italy, in 1683 (d. 1747). His training is not documented, but his early instruments show the influence of the Guarneri family as well as his contemporary, Antonio Stradivari.  At one time it was erroneously believed that Carlo was a student and assistant of Stradivari.  His instruments are greatly esteemed and often are compared to those of his masters, but in general they are not considered as fine. He used several different wordings on his labels but a typical one reads:

Anno 1733, Carlo Bergonzi
fece in Cremona

Like the works of other great makers, the Bergonzi instruments are often imitated, so the presence of a label bearing his name is no guarantee that the instrument was actually made by Carlo Bergonzi.

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