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Lewis and Clark Expedition: Selected Resources

Lewis and Clark Mapping the West William Clark carried this compass during the expedition.

Information or research assistance regarding the Lewis and Clark Expedition is frequently requested from the Smithsonian Institution. The following information has been prepared to assist those interested in this topic.


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Natural History/Science

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Lewis & Clark as Naturalists  In this site, you will be able to follow the Lewis and Clark trail, and discover the flora and fauna as they described it along the way. You can either choose the interactive map, or browse the collection by category. Unless otherwise indicated, the collections you will see are from the National Museum of Natural History, and were not collected by Lewis and Clark.


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Lewis & Clark - Mapping the West

This web site sets the historical stage, features online access to Lewis and Clark maps and other primary resources, and provides related activities and lesson plans.

Friends of Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc., an organization in existence for 30 years. P.O. Box 3434, Great Falls, Montana 59101 or (888) 701-3434. Web site:

National Historic Trail

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail web site:

National Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Council

The council was created to commemorate the journey and legacies of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 2003-2006. Numerous links to national organizations:


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