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Continental European Ceramics, Selected Bibliography


Information or research assistance regarding Continental European Ceramics is frequently requested from the Smithsonian Institution. The following information has been prepared to assist those interested in this topic.

General European

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Meissenfigure.jpg (220377 bytes)

Meissen Figure Group. Catalog # 76.381, Negative # 77-4144. Porcelain, manufactured c. 1740. Figure group "Turkish Gallant and Lady" with hussar, modeled by Johan Joachim Kaendler. A Turkish man with a white robe and a floral gown, standing; a seated woman with white headdress offering a box of snuff; and a hussar with an ax and a sword, standing behind the two; on an oval mound with applied flowers in polychrome.

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Sevre.jpg (256939 bytes)

Sevres Ecuelle (covered soup bowl) and stand. Catalog # 75.195a, b, c, Negative # 76-13954. Porcelain, manufactured c. 1774. Royal blue ground with gold border decoration and white reserves containing polychrome flowers and fruits. Blue ground has heavy gold design of floral sprigs and a gold eagle on center of the stand. Both bowl and stand have two gold handles, and the cover has a gold pomegranate finial.

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