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The History of the Automobile

Model T Photo The classic 1913 Model-T Ford automobile. From the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. Smithsonian Photo by Alfred Harrell (c) 1991 Smithsonian Institution

Information or research assistance regarding the history of the automobile is frequently requested from the Smithsonian Institution. The following information has been prepared to assist those interested in this topic.

Reading List:

The books and periodicals in this bibliography are not available through the Smithsonian Institution. The reference librarian at a public or university library can provide instructions for obtaining books through the interlibrary loan system if they are not available locally.


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For current periodicals, publishers and newsletters, see: Brownell, Dave, ed. Hemmings' Vintage Auto Almanac.

Prepared by the Division of the History of Technology,
Transportation Collections, National Museum of American History,
in cooperation with Public Inquiry Services, Smithsonian Institution



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