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American Dinnerware, Selected Sources

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Mid-20th century, Steubenville Pottery Company, Steubenville, Ohio. Neg. 88-7483, cat. 1984.867.07A, Copyright Smithsonian Institution 2001.

"Green Wheat" pattern, c. 1928-39, designed by Gale Turnball, Leigh Potters Inc., Alliance, Ohio. Neg. 89-14554, cat. 1989.0255.001, Copyright Smithsonian Institution 2001.

Blue Ridge California Currier & Ives Frankoma General


Homer Laughlin




Red Wing Russel Wright Shawnee Stangl Syracuse
Tea Leaf Ironstone Universal



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Homer Laughlin

Epicures.jpg (75278 bytes)

"Epicure" shape, c. 1955, Homer Laughlin China Company, Newell, West Virginia. Negative 89-14547, catalog 1989.0255.037, Copyright Smithsonian Institution 2001.


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