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CATEGORY: Mysteries of the Universe

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Online Exhibition

Exploring the Planets

This exhibition highlights the history and achievements of planetary exploration, both Earth-based and by spacecraft.

The Evolving Universe

Full-color photographs capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos as seen through high-powered terrestrial and orbiting telescopes.

Time and Navigation: The Untold Story of Getting from Here to There

This exhibition reveals why a good clock is crucial to navigation -- for 18th-century mariners to current-day GPS users -- and how increasingly accurate timekeeping has influenced how we find our way.

Treasures of American History

While the American History Museum is closed for renovation (Sept. 5, 2006-fall 2008), see more than 150 highlights from the museum here.

Voyage - A Journey Through Our Solar System

This outdoor exhibition brings to life the great distances between the planets through a scale model of our solar system at one ten-billionth actual size .

Online Feature

Apollo: The Apollo Program

Imagery and information from manned Apollo missions.

Geologic Time - The Story of a Changing Earth

Web feature presented by the Natural History Museum's Department of Paleobiolgy.

Heralds of Science

The Heralds of Science are 200 books and articles selected by Bern Dibner from his collection, as the most significant titles in the formation and development of Western science and technology.

Out of this World

Highlights particular moments from the space age that have inspired artists — the beginning of the space age in 1957, sending astronauts to the Moon and back in 1969, seeing the whole Earth from space in 1972, and creating a better picture of our home galaxy in 1992.

Smithsonian Libraries: Online Natural and Physical Sciences Books

Read online books, journals, and manuscripts on subjects from aeronautics to zinc.

Space Scoop

Bringing news from across the Universe to children all around the world. Universe Awareness and the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Suited for Space

Explores the evolution of spacesuit development from the first quarter of the 20th century until the dawn of the shuttle era.

The Dynamic Earth

Since our planet's birth 4.6 billion years ago, rocks have been continually forming and, over time, changing from one kind to another. Explore this online feature about geology, gems, and minerals.

Research Resource

Air and Space Museum Archives

Highlights include the Online National Air and Space Museum Directory of Airplanes.

Air and Space Museum Collections Database

View a major aircraft, space objects and engines on display, sortable by name, location and exhibition.

Astrophysical Observatory Archives and Services

Resources for the astronomical community, including current research data, facilities information and archival material.

Center for Earth and Planetary Studies

Performs original research on planetary science, terrestrial geophysics, environmental change.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory (CXC)

Observes X-rays from high energy regions of the universe, such as the remnants of exploded stars.

Collections Search Center

Search millions of records, with images, video and sound files from Smithsonian museums, archives, and libraries.

Global Volcanism Program

The Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Program seeks better understanding of all volcanoes through documenting their eruptions — small as well as large — during the past 10,000 years.

Results: 53 items
Items Per Page: