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CATEGORY: A Biodiverse Planet

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Smithsonian Ornithology

Throughout its history, the Smithsonian Institution has played a role of paramount importance in the development of ornithology in North America. Across the Institution, ornithologists carry out important work on the basic biology and conservation of birds all over the world.

Smithsonian Research Online

Smithsonian Research Online is a set of services to the research community both within and outside the Smithsonian Institution. Managed by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, the program assists in capturing the research output of Smithsonian scholars and making it available to Institutional management as well as scientists and historians world-wide.

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)

Investigates ecology, behavior and evolution of tropical organisms.

Sources of Information on Mollusks
The Smithsonian Institution Archives Collections

Search the Smithsonian Institution Archives’ collections, which contain the official records of the Smithsonian, as well as personal papers, special collections, records of professional societies, and oral/video histories relating to the history of the Smithsonian.

Vertebrate Zoology Research at the Natural History Museum

Research in the department covers fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals and provides a solid foundation of understanding for government agencies, conservation organizations, and individuals involved in fish and wildlife management.

Teacher Resource

National Zoo Educator Resources

As the nation's zoo, we provide leadership in conservation science. We educate and inspire diverse communities so they become part of our commitment to celebrate, study, and protect animals and their habitats.

Natural History Museum Educator Resources

As one of the largest science classrooms in the world, the National Museum of Natural History works with you to explore the natural world through the Museum's exhibits, and online resources.

Ocean Portal Educators' Corner

Our Ocean Portal Educators’ Corner provides you with activities, lessons and educational resources to bring the ocean to life for your students. We have collected top resources from our collaborators to provide you with teacher-tested, ocean science materials for your classroom

Smithsonian Education Online Conference: Climate Change

Explore Smithsonian research and collections related to the evidence, impact, and response to climate change.

Smithsonian Education: Lesson Plans, Resources, Standards of Learning

The gateway to Smithsonian educational resources for educators, families, and students.

Smithsonian Science Education Center

Transforming the learning and teaching of science for all students in the United States and throughout the world.


Results: 132 items
Items Per Page: