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CATEGORY: A Biodiverse Planet

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Online Exhibition

Think Tank

This exhibition explores the biology and evolution of animal thinking, focusing on primates.

Online Feature

Cerro Ballena

Cerro Ballena is a unique fossil site in the Atacama Desert of Chile. This website shares the paleontological discoveries from this site made by Chilean and Smithsonian scientists.


Learn about the Smithsonian's dinosaurs with everything you want to know--including the top 10 misconceptions.

Edward Palmer Collections

Edward Palmer (1831-1911) is regarded by many as “the father of ethnobotany,” Palmer collected plants and objects extensively in North and South America during the late 19th century.   This Department of Botany site highlights the connections between the botanical and anthropological collections Palmer made in the North American Southwest and Mexico from 1867-1898.

Expedition to the Galapagos

Follows marine biologists on a research expedition to the remote Galápagos Islands.

Heralds of Science

The Heralds of Science are 200 books and articles selected by Bern Dibner from his collection, as the most significant titles in the formation and development of Western science and technology.

Lewis and Clark as Naturalists

Follow the Lewis and Clark trail, and discover the flora and fauna as they described it along the way.

Life of a Vertebrate Fossil

Follow what paleontologists do in each stage in the life of a vertebrate fossil.

Living Fossils of the Deep: An Expedition to the Bahamian Sea Floor

Scientists explore both the present and the past through the natural history of deep-sea organisms and microorganisms.

Ocean Portal

The Ocean Portal is a unique, interactive online experience that inspires awareness, understanding, and stewardship of the world’s Ocean, developed by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History and more than 20 collaborating organizations.

PandaCam Live Video Stream

The panda cams provide a window into the world of the Zoo's giant pandas—female Mei Xiang and male Tian Tian.

Science Highlights at the Smithsonian

Explore science at the Smithsonian through video, feature article, photos and more.

Shade grown Cacao

Research papers on the ecological and social sustainability of cacao farms.

Shade Grown Coffee

Many resources—from technical research to sources of "Bird Friendly®" Coffee.

Smithsonian Wild

Explore "camera trap" images of collected at research sites around the world! Explore by location or species.

Strange Creatures: A Burgess Shale Fossil Sampler

More than 1/2 billion years old, these fossils preserve an intriguing glimpse of early animal life on Earth.

Sustainable Seafood

Smithsonian Institution's Sustainable Seafood website complements One Fish, Two Fish, Crawfish, Bluefish - The Smithsonian Sustainable Seafood Cookbook by Carole C. Baldwin and Julie H. Mounts (Smithsonian Books, 2003).

The Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio

Despite being produced not just by amateurs but largely by women, far from the publishing houses and intellectual centers of 19th-century America, the book was hailed as an extraordinary achievement from the moment its first few plates were published.


The first digital dinosaur, existing accurately in the computer, and able to be shared as easily as email.

Research Resource

Botany Department of the Natural History Museum

Research in plant biology, conservation ecology, biological diversity, and more.

Results: 123 items
Items Per Page: