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Social Stories

Visiting the Museum (PDF)

  • Reinforces and reassures the child that he is safe in the care of his companion during the museum visit.

  • Waiting at the Museum (PDF)

  • Waiting in line can be stressful. This story outlines entrance procedures, the steps to follow when entering the museum. It can help to alleviate some of the anxiety of waiting in line and going through the Security process.

  • The 5 Big Place Rules (PDF)

  • Five easy rules designed to keep your child safe during a visit to the museum.

  • Museum Security Rules and Routines (PDF)

  • Illustrates the sequence of events required to complete a Security Check.

  • Binding the Nation (PDF)

  • This is an exhibit about the history of mail service. This story introduces children to the sights and sounds they will experience in the exhibit. As well as describing expected behaviors while in the exhibition area.

  • Moving the Mail (PDF)

  • This story explains what individuals will experience while in the Atrium of the museum where one can see different types of transportation vehicles used in getting mail to our doorsteps and across the country.

  • Postal Pilates (PDF)

  • This story explains what your child can expect when participating in the movement activity, Postal Pilates.