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May 2014

Smithsonian May 2014


Brave New Words

How America's leading science fiction authors are shaping your future

By Eileen Gunn

Mind Craft

The most futuristic medical treatment ever imagined is now a reality. But it won't be long before brain implants are even more amazing and troubling

By David Noonan

Command Performance

Patrick Stewart, who has led starships and mutants, returns from the future to talk about science and science fiction

By Mark Strauss

Hot Enough For You?

Devastating droughts, killer storms, flooded cities, raging tropical diseases you 've heard that climate change promises a host of catastrophes. But the reality of a hotter world will probably be more subtle and it's already here

By Jerry Adler

Signs of Life

Planetary scientist Sara Seager has turned tragedy into tenacity in her search for new Earths among the stars

By Corey S. Powell

Almost Human

How R2-D2 became the most beloved robot in the galaxy

By Clive Thompson

Inventing the Real McCoy

The fantastic tricorder device that "Bones" used to scan aliens on "Star Trek" is nearly at hand in your cellphone. And it promises to be cheaper and smarter than anything even Spock could dream up

By Ariel Sabar


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This month our theme is reversals, of Earth's magnetic field, rainforest devastation and traumatic memories.

Listening to the Big Bang

A remote telescope finds support for a revolutionary theory about the formation of the universe

By Brian Greene

The White Veil

How did Peter Matthiessen's lifelong quest for peace lead him to one of the most horrifying places on earth?

By Ron Rosenbaum

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