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Tip Sheet

DATE: Saturday, February 14, 2014
TIME: 9:00am -11:00am


  • The National Postal Museum Atrium (Moving the Mail), Binding the Nation Exhibition, and US & International Stamp Gallery, Ford Education Center


  • 2 Massachusetts Ave., N.E., Enter from the First Street entrance between Massachusetts Ave. and G Street
  • Doors open at 9:30 am

  • METRO:

  • The closest metro station is Union Station on the Red Line. For a metro map and more metro information visit the Metro's website


  • There is limited street parking near the museum
  • All-day paid parking is available right next to the museum at Union Station. Access to the parking garage is via H Street. For more information about Union Station Parking Garage, call (202) 898-1950 or visit their website

  • Sensory Tip Sheet

    Coming to the Museum/Historic Lobby (Level 2)

    1. Enter museum at the First Street entrance between Massachusetts Ave and G Street (You will be on Level 2 of the museum.)

    2. You will be greeted by a Security Guard.

    3. The Security Guard will check all bags.

    4. You and your child will have to walk through a security scanner.

    5. The Historic Lobby is a long open hall and can be loud if crowded.

    Helpful resources: Museum Security Rules and Routines Social Story ; Postal Museum Sensory Map

    William H. Gross Stamp Gallery (Level 2)

    1. Visual Stimulation:

  • Changing visual images on monitors at east entrance of the exhibit.
  • Gems Exhibit has motion censored lighting.

  • 2. Auditory Stimulation:

  • Noise of exhibit varies based on location.

  • 3. Tactile Opportunities:

  • Interactive touch screen games.
  • National Stamp Salon pullout frames displaying tens of thousands of stamps.

  • 4. Movement Opportunities:

  • Overall, the gallery is filled with narrow winding exhibits.
  • National Stamp Salon is an open room.
  • Helpful Resource: Postal Museum Sensory Map

    Atrium: Moving the Mail (Level 1)

    1. Visual Stimulation:

  • Large Open space with a lot of windows and natural sunlight.
  • Life size Rail Car, Semi-Truck, Mail Trucks, Stage Coach, and Airplanes.
  • Watch a Nickelodeon video in the Rail Car.
  • Watch video about the mail trucks.
  • Airplanes hang from the ceiling.
  • Flashing lights on the dashboard of the Semi-Truck.

  • 2. Auditory Stimulation:

  • Loud at times and can be crowded.
  • Hear clanking sounds in the Rail Car.
  • Listen to a video in the Rail Car.

  • 3. Tactile Opportunities:

  • Touch the metal mail hooks in the Rail Car.
  • Low and high tech information games.
  • Turn the steering wheel and push buttons in the Semi-Truck.

  • 4. Movement Opportunities:

  • Large Space.
  • Climb into a Semi-truck or Rail Car.
  • Helpful Resources: Postal Museum Sensory Map ; Moving the Mail Social Story ; Take a Virtual Tour

    Binding the Nations (Level 1)

    1. Visual Stimulation:

  • Forest entrance has dim lighting (Alternative entrance available).
  • Well lit areas of the exhibit are Stage Coach and Postal Inspector’s Room.
  • See yourself on a T.V. monitor and a mannequin with a full body safety suit & dark goggles in the Postal Inspector’s Room

  • 2. Auditory Stimulation:

  • Hear chirping bird sounds at the Forest entrance (Alternative entrance available).
  • Quiet areas of the exhibit are the Stage Coach and Postal Inspector’s Room.
  • Listen to a video in the Postal Inspector’s Room.

  • 3. Tactile Opportunities:

  • Touch mail pouch in Stage Coach.

  • 4. Movement Opportunities:

  • Climb into a Stage Coach.
  • Follow narrow winding pathways through exhibit.
  • Helpful Resources: Postal Museum Sensory Map ; Binding the Nation Social Story ; Take a Virtual Tour

    Take a Break Space (A to Z Exhibit)

    1. Quiet space for you and your child to relax or attend to sensory needs while exploring the Postal Museum.

    2. Open space for movement.

    3. Sensory toys available such as crash pillow, fidgets, tunnel, etc.

    Helpful Resources: Postal Museum Sensory Map ; Take a Virtual Tour


    1. Automatic toilet flush, on/off sinks, and hand dryers.

    2. Loud and powerful hand dryers.

    3. Loud toilet flush.