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Tip Sheet

Date: Saturday, January 24, 2014
Time: 9:00 am—11:00 am


  • Please enter from Constitution Avenue between 10th and 12th streets.


  • The museum is located on Constitution Ave. between the blocks of 10th and 12th Street, SW Washington, DC
  • Enter the museum from the Constitution Ave. entrance at 9:00 am
  • Museum doors at the National Mall side of the museum open at 10:00 am

  • METRO:

  • The closest metro station to the Constitution Ave., entrance is Federal Triangle on the Blue/Orange Line. The museum is 1 block from the station. For a Metro map and additional information, visit Metro's website


  • The National Museum of Natural History has no public parking. There are a few metered parking locations on the streets adjacent to the museum.
  • Across the street in the Ronald Reagan International Trade Building there is a paid parking lot. For additional information on parking, visit their website.

  • Sensory Tips

    1. The Rotunda of the museum will be very loud, if you or your child is sensitive to noise, consider the use of noise canceling headphones when at the museum. 

    2. As you enter Mammals hall from the Rotunda there are three story wall cases full of mammals on both sides of the entrance as well as stand alone cases in the center of the walkway. 

    3. The hall is divided up by regions of the world the majority of the mammals can be found by walking though the center of the exhibit.

    4. There are a number of tactile elements on the reader rails around the exhibit.

    5. In the center section of the exhibit, at the top of the ramp, there are glass tiles on the floor that visitors walk over.

    6. On the back right side of the exhibit is a hallway that leads to the Mammals store, there are two sound stations.  When the button is pressed the glass will light up with an image of an animal followed by the sound the animal makes. 

    7. At the back of the museum, is the Evolution Theater, the feature playing in the theater is loud and can be heard in the surrounding exhibition area.   

    8. Toward the back of the exhibit is a section with "Cold" mammals. This section simulates walking through a cave of ice with a Polar Bear looking down at you from the top with seals, sea otters and smaller mammals encased around you as you walk through the space.  There also is a small tunnel that children can crawl through with encased mammals on the sides.

    9. At the back right side of the exhibit is the entrance into the Hall of Human Origins, there is also a movie playing there that can be loud.

    10. The bathrooms all have electric hand dryers that are loud.