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Social Stories/Narratives

Going Into a Museum (DOC)

  • Waiting in line can be stressful. This story outlines entrance procedures, the steps to follow when entering the museum. It can help to alleviate some of the anxiety of waiting in line and going through the Security process.

  • Human Origins Social Story (PDF)

  • Provides children with information of what to expect when exploring the Hall of Human Origins Exhibit. This story discusses things they may see, hear, and find while exploring the Hall of Human Origins.

  • Keeping People in the Right Place (PDF)

  • Describes the different types of barriers which surround displays and explains their purpose.

  • Visiting a Museum with My Adult  (PDF)

  • Reinforces and reassures the child that he is safe in the care of his companion during the museum visit.

  • Understanding my Adults in a Big Place (DOC)

  • A reassuring and encouraging explanation of the importance of your parent or escort.

  • What Will I See at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum? (DOC)

  • This story was created to be a tool to prepare your child for the their visit to Mammals Hall.

  • What is a Mounted Animal? (DOC)

  • In this story visitors will learn about how the mammals are displayed in the exhibit.

  • Welcome to the Mammal Family Reunion (DOC)

  • This story is designed to help visitors understand how all mammals are related to one another, including humans.

  • What is a Mammal? (DOC)

  • Through this story unique characteristics of mammal are defined.

  • Yoga Social Story (PDF)

  • Provide children with information on what to expect when participating in "Animal Yoga" including information on the yoga positions and use of the yoga mat.