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Plan your visit using the Sensory Maps for Star-Spangled Banner & America on the Move

This tool was designed to assist families and individuals who experience sensory sensitivities from physical environments to be able to determine areas to visit or avoid when visiting a museum exhibition. The tool attempts to rate levels of intensity across the auditory, visual and tactile domains produced by individual exhibits within a section of a larger exhibition. The sensory load placed upon an individual may then be estimated as a part of the overall preparation for the visit.

Using this Tool

To help you tailor your visit to your family's unique needs, each of the 19 areas of the exhibit is rated in terms of levels of auditory input and visual input. The information here is comprised of two parts - the Sensory Tip Sheet and the Sensory Map. Both will help you understand what to expect so you can plan your route accordingly.

The Sensory Tip Sheet identifies specific areas with the highest levels of auditory and/or visual input, for quick reference. The Helpful Hints key on the map also suggests areas to visit for the lowest levels of sensory input and also the areas for the highest levels of non-verbal learning/tactile opportunities.

The Sensory Map provides much more detailed information on the content of each section of the exhibit, including more detailed auditory and visual input information and also highlights other opportunities for tactile interaction within the exhibit.