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National Museum of American History

National Museum of American History

RSVP for the Morning at the Museum at the National Museum of American History

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: 1400 Constitution Ave., NW Washington, DC

Get your MATM Passport, have fun at Transportation Jive, and create your very own MATM flag!

Should you have any questions or comments about the project or the procedures for the day, or to register for Morning at the Museum please email the Smithsonian Accessibility Program.

The below pre-visit material are designed for the National Museum of American History. The following downloadable information was developed to prepare your family for a fun and successful visit to the National Museum of American History!

We hope you enjoy Morning at the Museum!

MATM Passport

MATM Passport!

If you received a Passport at the Postal Museum, bring it with you and continue to collect stamps! 

MATM Passport (PDF) (pickup at check-in desk)

How to use the Passport (PDF)

Passport Activities (PDF)

Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet »

The Tip Sheet includes:
1. Directions to the museum
2. Parking information
3. Sensory Tips

Sensory Map and Guide

Sensory Map and Guide »

This Sensory Map provides information about anticipated sensory experience of each exhibit at the American History Museum. The Sensory Map can be used as a tool to navigate the museum successfully and eliminate any unwanted sensory surprises!

Transportation Jive

Transportation Jive »

The Transportation Jive Guide book will walk you and your child through many different yoga poses, inspired by the museum. This activity is designed to keep your children moving and stretching as they pretend to travel on Route 66!

Social Stories

Social Stories »

Social Stories/Social Narratives are designed to help prepare your child for situations he/she may encounter at the American History Museum. There are Stories/Narratives that address what to expect, museum rules and routines, safety information, and more.

Activity Guide

Activity Guide »

In this section you will find three activities to help engage your child to the content of the museum. Explore America on the Move by searching Bud and other hidden objects. Walk through Star-Strangled Banner in search of some of America's most famous artifacts including the original American Flag!