The purpose of the SD program is to provide advocacy and direction to SDBs. The program seeks to ensure that these firms receive equal opportunity and appropriate consideration in the Smithsonian's procurement of goods and services. Key components of the program include:
  • Development of outreach initiatives to heighten SDB awareness of contracting opportunities at the Smithsonian;
  • Development and implementation of creative initiatives that encourage the increased utilization of SDBs through "win-win" strategies;
  • Establishment and monitoring of goals for the participation of SDBs in the procurement process;
  • Management of "SDP Liaison" staff to assist in promoting SD initiatives at the museum, research institute, and office level;
  • Development of training seminars to educate Smithsonian buyers on the benefits of utilizing SDBs;
  • Evaluating large prime contractors' subcontracting plans, negotiating goals for SDB participation, and monitoring performance following contract award;
  • Maintenance of a database of qualified SDBs used to conduct vendor searches for Smithsonian buyers; and
  • Publication of informational materials that assist SDBs with their marketing efforts.