Smithsonian National Board

The Smithsonian National Board is a geographically and culturally diverse body of volunteer leaders that brings invaluable counsel to the Smithsonian and its many museums and research centers.

Established in 1970, the National Board is the Smithsonian’s only pan-Institutional advisory board. It fosters communication between the Institution and its members’ communities, advises the Secretary on issues of Institutional advancement, and promotes successful public-private partnerships.

The current members of the Smithsonian National Board are:

Sakurako D. Fisher

Edgar M. Cullman, Jr.
Vice Chair

Robert D. MacDonald
Vice Chair

Rodney C. Adkins
Gordon M. Ambach
Valerie Anders
Judy Hart Angelo
William H. Bohnett
Peggy P. Burnet
Jane Lipton Cafritz
Thomas H. Castro
Abby Joseph Cohen
Vin Di Bona
Julie Applebaum Flynn
Raul Fernandez
Michael R. Francis
Brenda J. Gaines
Shelby M. Gans
Myra M. Hart
Edward R. Hintz
Judy S. Huret
John C. Jay
Jennifer Walston Johnson
Dennis J. Keller
Jonathan M. Kemper
David S. Kidder
Allan R. Landon
Betsy Lawer
Cheryl Winter Lewy
Russell E. Palmer, Jr.
William M. Ragland, Jr.
Kristin M. Richardson
Alison Wrigley Rusack
Philip K. Ryan
Marna Schnabel
Fredericka Stevenson
Phyllis M. Taylor
Michael E. Tennenbaum
L. John Wilkerson
Emily Bittner Willey (ex officio)
Deborah L. Wince-Smith

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Building Endowment

A Strong and Secure Future

A Strong and Secure Future
The Secretary’s Distinguished Scientific Research Fellowship encourages promising young scientists and interdisciplinary work. Private endowment gifts made possible the prestigious award.

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