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  Gaspard Duiffopruggar

Gaspard Duiffopruggar (1514-c. 1571) was born in Bavaria and settled in Lyon, France. He was the principal member of a large family of string instrument makers known also by the names Tieffenbrucker, Dieffopruchar, and Duiffoprugcar. The family split into two branches, one of which settled in Lyon and the other in Italy. His instruments are ornamented with carving and inlays. Original Duiffopruggars are rare, but they have often been imitated, and many copies, by Vuillaume and others, exist.

Other violin makers and violin making families: Amati, Bergonzi, da Salo, Gagliano, Glass, Guarneri, Hopf, Klotz, Maggini, Ruggieri, Stainer, Stradivarius, Vuillaume

Authentication and Appraisal of Violins

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