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The Museum Conservation Institute - Staff

Beverly M. Smith

Beverly M. Smith

Assistant to the Director


Phone: 301-238-1207
Fax: 301-238-3709
E-mail Address: SmithBM [at]

Museum Conservation Institute
Smithsonian Institution
4210 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, MD 20746


Certificat in Nursing American University (1971)
A.A. Center for Independent Studies (1984)

Research Specialties, Interests and Responsibilities

  • EOE Officer
  • Budget forecasting and budget administration
  • Office manager
  • Internship, fellows, visiting scientist liaison
  • Liaison for human resources, fellowships and grants, sponsored projects, plant services, design and construction


Journal Articles

Grissom, Carol A., Grabow, Nicole, Smith Riley, Corey and Charola, A. Elena Evaluation of Coating Performance on Silver Exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 2013 82 96 Maney Publishing

Stahl, Ann B., Dores Cruz, Maria das, Neff, Hector, Glascock, Michael D., Speakman, Robert Jeff, Giles, Bretton and Smith, Leith Ceramic production, consumption and exchange in the Banda area, Ghana: Insights from compositional analyses Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 2008 363 381

Book Chapters

Heginbotham, Arlen, Bezur, Aniko, Bouchard, Michel, Davis, Jeffrey M., Eremin, Katherine, Frantz, James H., Glinsman, Lisha, Hayek, Lee-Ann C., Hook, Duncan, Kantarelou, Vicky, Karydas, Andreas Germanos, Lee, Lynn, Mass, Jennifer, Matsen, Catherine, McCarthy, Blythe, McGath, Molly, Shugar, Aaron, Sirois, Jane, Smith, Dylan and Speakman, Robert Jeff Mardikian, Paul, Chemello, Claudia, Watters, Christopher and Hull, Peter An Evaluation of Inter-Laboratory Reproducibility for Quantitative XRF of Historic Copper Alloys Metal 2010: International Conference on Metal Conservation, Interim Meeting of the International Council of Museums Committee for Conservation Metal Working Group, October 11-15, 2010, Charleston, South Carolina, USA 2010 178 188 Clemson University Clemson

Grabow, Nicole, Smith, Corey, Grissom, Carol A. and Brostoff, Lynn B. Degrigny, Christian, van Langh, Robert, Joosten, Ineke and Ankersmit, Bart Effectiveness of organic coatings on silver exposed to hydrogen sulfide Metal 07: Proceedings of the ICOM-CC Metal Group 2007 44 50 James and James Amsterdam

Yelon, A., Saucier, A., Larocque, J. P., Smith, P. E. L. and Vandiver, Pamela B. Vandiver, Pamela B., Druzik, James R., Wheeler, G. S. and Freestone, Ian Thermal Analysis of Early Neolithic Pottery from Tepe Ganj Dareh, Iran Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology III 1993 591 608 Materials Research Society Pittsburgh, PA