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Art from the Forge
September 6, 1995 – March 3, 1996

See metal jewelry, ceremonial arms, and furnishings that reflect the status and prestige of the nobility among the Tuareg, a nomadic people of the central and western Sahara.

African Art Museum
Goyo: Japanese Prints
August 27, 1995 – March 31, 1996

See 19 prints and drawings issued between 1915-1920 by Japanese woodblock print artist Hashiguchi Goyo (1880-1921), predominantly of women.

Sackler Gallery
Nancy Crow: Improvisational Quilts
August 25, 1995 – January 1, 1996

View 30 quilts that trace this artist's experimentation with traditional quilting patterns.

Renwick Gallery
Rick Dillingham: A Retrospective
August 20, 1995 – January 1, 1996

Examine ceramic works inspired by Native American archaeological finds and architectural forms of the Southwest.

Renwick Gallery
Produce for Victory: Posters on the American Home Front, 1941-1945
August 15, 1995 – February 14, 2000

View 35 posters that helped mobilize Americans during World War II to "produce for victory."

American History Museum
Going Strong: Older Americans on the Job
August 1, 1995 – October 29, 1995

See 37 photographs of elderly Americans who are still working at their trades, including a Navajo shepherd, a cutter of pearl buttons, a ballet dancer, a hubcap saleswoman, and a waitress.

American History Museum
The Ancient Nubian City of Kerma, 2500-1500 B.C.
July 26, 1995 – May 31, 2004

See 40 objects that celebrate the wealth and artistic traditions of Kerma, the oldest city in Africa outside Egypt that has been excavated.

African Art Museum
The Ancient West African City of Benin, A.D. 1300-1897
July 26, 1995 – May 31, 2004

See a reinstallation of 24 objects that features the royal court of Benin (located in present-day Nigeria) as it existed before British colonial rule.

African Art Museum
Painted Prayers
July 23, 1995 – April 7, 1996

See 61 color photographs by Stephen Hullers that document Indian ritual paintings created by women.

Sackler Gallery
Directions: Martin Kippenberger
July 20, 1995 – October 22, 1995

Satirical drawings and collages by this German artist lampoon Germany's politics, culture, and consumerism.

Hirshhorn Museum
Gene Davis in Black and White: Drawings from the Fifties and the Eighties
July 14, 1995 – January 7, 1996

See 30 drawings and collages, primarily in black and white, that showcase the artist's work.

American Art Museum
Farm Worker's Altar
July 1, 1995 – October 15, 1995

View an altar by Emanuel Martinez that was designed for a mass celebrating the end of Cesar Chavez's fast protesting the plight of migrant farm workers.

American Art Museum
The Collection in Context: Thomas Eakins's Portrait of Frank Hamilton Cushing
June 30, 1995 – January 15, 1996

Sketches, photographs, correspondence, and documents explore the 1895 portrait of Smithsonian ethnologist Frank Cushing, who had lived with the Zuni Indians.

Hirshhorn Museum
Secrets of the Dark Chamber: The Art of the American Daguerreotype
June 30, 1995 – October 29, 1995

Document the contribution this medium has made to American art and culture with 152 daguerreotypes.

American Art Museum
The Enola Gay
June 28, 1995 – May 17, 1998

See an exhibition, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, that tells the story of the role of the Enola Gay in securing Japanese surrender.

Air and Space Museum
Anacostia: Not the Same Old Story (The Moten Elementary Collector's Exhibition)
June 17, 1995 – August 27, 1995

See an exhibition that explores African American history through art, poems, and stories, researched by local elementary students.

Anacostia Community Museum
Cape Verde Photographs
June 17, 1995 – July 15, 1995

See an exhibit of photographs by Ron Barboza being held in conjunction with Smithsonian's Folklife Festival.

Ripley Center
The Passionate Observer: Photographs by Carl Van Vechten
June 16, 1995 – August 13, 1995

See 76 portrait photographs that serve as a visual catalogue of the artist's life and times from 1880-1964.

Portrait Gallery
Sunrayce '95
June 16, 1995 – September 16, 1995

This exhibition includes a solar car from the Museum's collections and live satellite coverage of the race of student-designed solar cars from Indianapolis to Golden, Colorado. 

American History Museum
World War II: Sharing Memories
June 15, 1995 – November 12, 1995

View items such as paintings of wartime scenes commissioned by the U.S. armed forces, ration books, and war bond posters that reflect experiences of people on the battlefield and on the home front. 

American History Museum

Results: 4631 items
Items Per Page: