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August 10, 1996 – August 1, 1997

This 7-minute presentation features a rotating, 4-foot, 3-dimensional, and scientifically accurate holographic image of the Earth. It reveals atmospheric, oceanic, biologic, geologic, and human data collected during years of space travel and satellite observation, with narration by James Earl Jones. 

Natural History Museum
Martian Meteorite
August 9, 1996 – November 13, 1996

This showcase features a meteorite from Mars containing microscopic structures and traces of organic compounds that suggest microbial life once existed on Mars. Also included is a photograph of the microscopic structure of the rock. 

Natural History Museum
The Smithsonian Institution in Collaboration with the United States Mint Presents the Engraver's Art in U.S. Mint Commemorative Coins
August 7, 1996 – July 24, 1998

This small case features $1 silver and $5 gold Smithsonian Institution 150th Anniversary commemorative coins and dies and the Jefferson, White House, and Capitol commemorative coins. 

American History Museum
The Kennedys Photographed by Richard Avedon
August 3, 1996 – April 13, 1997

Four large photos of the Kennedy family by Richard Avedon are on view.  

American History Museum
The Jenny Class Reunion
July 30, 1996 – October 30, 1996

This exhibition reunites more than 20 of the 1918 Inverted Jenny stamps.

Postal Museum
Preserving Ancient Statues from Jordan
July 28, 1996 – April 6, 1997

See 8 examples of ancient plaster statues dating from 6500-7000 B.C., excavated in Ain Ghazal, Jordan, in 1985.

Sackler Gallery
Louis Armstrong: A Cultural Legacy
July 26, 1996 – December 1, 1996

Some 150 paintings, prints, musical instruments, photographs, clips, and memorabilia create a portrait of the 50-year career of this musician.

Portrait Gallery
The Art of Thomas Wilmer Dewing: Beauty Reconfigured
July 19, 1996 – October 14, 1996

This exhibition features works by Gilded Age artist Thomas Dewing, who is known for his genteel depictions of women and dreamlike outdoor scenes.

American Art Museum
Directions: Byron Kim: Grey-Green
July 18, 1996 – October 20, 1996

Large-scale, monochromatic paintings by this artist address traditional Korean green-glaze pottery within the context of Western modern abstraction.

Hirshhorn Museum
Footsteps from North Brentwood
July 14, 1996 – December 8, 1996

View pictures, documents, and artifacts that document the history of the first black incorporated town in Prince George's County.

Anacostia Community Museum
Recent Acquisitions (1996)
July 12, 1996 – October 27, 1996

Photographs of The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison are on view, along with Andy Warhol prints of Muhammad Ali and a bust of cartoonist Chuck Jones.

Portrait Gallery
Eyes on Science: Illustrating Natural History
July 3, 1996 – January 1, 1997

Drawings, related specimens, and interpretive text explore 150 years of scientific illustration at the Smithsonian, demonstrate the importance of visual records to scientific research, and challenge visitors to look more closely at the natural world.  

Natural History Museum
From Smithson to Smithsonian: The Birth of an Institution
July 2, 1996 – January 10, 1997

This exhibition recounts the origin and early years of the Smithsonian Institution -- from British scientist James Smithson's last will and testament of 1826 through the administrations of the Institution's first 2 Secretaries, Joseph Henry and Spencer Fullerton Baird.

American History Museum
Reinventing Government: The Transformation of America's Postal System
July 1, 1996 – March 13, 1998

Editorial cartoons and contemporary accounts shed light on the events surrounding the 1971 Postal Reform Act, which transformed the Post Office Department, then a federal agency, into the United States Postal Service.

Postal Museum
Paintings by Masami Teraoka
June 30, 1996 – January 1, 1997

Examine contemporary issues that portray the realities of the late 20th century, including human sexuality, gender, morality, race, and culture as identity in 32 watercolor paintings and 3 prints by this Japanese-born, Hawaii-based artist.

Sackler Gallery
Artistic License: The Duck Stamp Story
June 28, 1996 – June 30, 2006

A rotating selection of objects from the collection of Jeanette Cantrell Rudy sheds light on the Federal Duck Stamp program.

Postal Museum
Crossroads Alaska: Native Cultures of Alaska and Siberia
June 27, 1996 – August 8, 1996

Miniatures and models illustrate the diversity and ingenuity of the cultures and peoples of the North Pacific.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century (Monumental Core)
June 24, 1996 – January 1, 1997

A 12 x 17 foot model and video kiosks from the National Capital Planning Commission set forth the Commission's vision for Washington, D.C. in the new century.  

American History Museum
Distemper: Dissonant Themes in the Art of the 1990s
June 20, 1996 – September 15, 1996

Works in diverse media trace an attitude of social and cultural dismay among 10 internationally based artists.

Hirshhorn Museum
1996 Presidential Scholars in the Arts: Scholars in the Visual Arts and Scholars in Writing
June 20, 1996 – July 14, 1996

Take in 8 paintings, 7 photographs, and 5 excerpts from written works by 1996 Presidential Scholars.

American Art Museum

Results: 4628 items
Items Per Page: