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Expressions D.C.
October 10, 1993 – November 28, 1993

See an exhibit that showcases the talents of residents of 4 D.C. youth detention centers.

Anacostia Community Museum
The Arts and Crafts Movement in California: Living the Good Life
October 8, 1993 – January 9, 1994

Celebrate the Arts and Crafts Movement in California with 198 objects of artistic merit and historical significance made between 1895-1930. 

Renwick Gallery
Monitoring Amazonia from Space
October 8, 1993 – May 11, 1994

Observe ground photography and Landsat satellite imagery that demonstrates the development and degradation of the Amazon, one of the world's most complex and diverse ecosystems.

Air and Space Museum
Chinese Bird-and-Flower Painting
October 1, 1993 – May 30, 1994

See 21 paintings from the 12th through 18th centuries that explore the bird-and-flower genre of traditional Chinese painting.

Freer Gallery
Toward Modern Design: Revival and Reform in Applied Arts 1850-1920
September 27, 1993 – September 11, 1994

View more than 80 examples of ceramics, glass, furniture, wallpapers, books, and jewelry that are featured in this exhibit.  

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
RAP Commissions Art Sale in 1993
September 13, 1993 – October 24, 1993

View 25 lithographs, including works by Larry Rivers, Robert Indiana, and a serigraph by Sam Gilliam.

Ripley Center
Jacob Kainen
September 10, 1993 – January 2, 1994

This major retrospective exhibition covers his works from the 1950s and 1960s.


American Art Museum
Mechanical Brides: Women and Machines from Home to Office
August 17, 1993 – January 2, 1994

Visit an exhibition that links machines for the home and office to their life in the popular imagination. 

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
Brushes with the Literary: Portraits by Washington Artist Marcella Comes Winslow
August 13, 1993 – December 5, 1993

Portraits of famous writers give an insider's view of life in the nation's capital in the 1940s-50s when Marcella Comes Winslow's Georgetown home was an informal literary salon.

Portrait Gallery
Recent Acquisitions
August 13, 1993 – January 9, 1994

See 7 objects in various media, including wood, metal, fiber, and ceramic. 

Renwick Gallery
The Art of Cards and Letters The Art of Cards and Letters
July 30, 1993 – June 6, 2011

This gallery emphasizes the art of letter writing, a cherished art form providing a window into American history.

Postal Museum
Philatelic Gallery Philatelic Gallery
July 30, 1993 – September 21, 2013

For both the serious collector and those who know little about the renowned hobby of stamp collecting, this gallery highlights some of the best philatic collections in the world.

Postal Museum
Contemporary Self-Portraits from the James Goode Collection
July 30, 1993 – December 5, 1993

25 artworks from Goode's collection illustrate the variety of contemporary American self-portraiture.

Portrait Gallery
Moving America's Growing Mail
July 30, 1993 – January 1, 1996

Explore the U.S. Postal Service's automotive fleet in the 20th century, including a long-life vehicle and a mail jeep.

Postal Museum
The Madden Family Letters
July 30, 1993 – September 10, 1994

A collection of letters trace the history of an African American family from Virginia through 5 generations (1740-1992).

Postal Museum
Always There: The African American Presence in American Quilts
July 18, 1993 – October 17, 1993

See 27 African American quilts, black-and-white photographs, and quilters' tools

Anacostia Community Museum
Legend's Image: The Great War in the Air Pictured
July 12, 1993 – Closed

See archival treasures of aircraft history, including a photograph of an 1857 gas balloon and a negative and print of the first Wright military aircraft.

Air and Space Museum
The Divine Word of Islam
July 4, 1993 – February 6, 1994

See a Koran (the holy scripture of Islam), books of prayer, folios from dispersed volumes as well as a ceramic tombstone, dating from the 14th through the 18th century from Egypt, Iran, and Turkey.

Sackler Gallery
Cartoons, Caricatures and Comics
June 28, 1993 – September 30, 1993

See 250 works that demonstrate how cartoons, comics, and caricatures have functioned as popular and fine art.

Muttonman Discovers Columbus
June 28, 1993 – September 30, 1993

Look at cartoons by the Navajo performance artist Vincent Craig to see how he evaluates his culture through incorporating humor and comedy in his works.