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Crosscurrents in Chinese and Islamic Ceramics
March 1, 1996 – July 1, 1997

View 23 objects from the 14th and 15th centuries that explore the interaction between Chinese ceramics and Islamic decorative arts. 

Freer Gallery
The Violent Universe
February 29, 1996 – October 30, 1996

Marvel at the work of NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, an orbiting telescope studying gamma rays emitted by supernovae, pulsars, black holes, and quasars.

Air and Space Museum
Beyond Paper: Chinese Calligraphy on Objects
February 28, 1996 – July 1, 1997

View 36 objects, ranging from the 7th to 19th centuries, that focus on the varied uses of calligraphy on utilitarian and decorative works made of clay, lacquer, metal, jade, bamboo, silk, wood, and bone.

Freer Gallery
Rebels: Painters and Poets of the 1950s Rebels: Painters and Poets of the 1950s
February 24, 1996 – June 2, 1996

This 2-part exhibition focuses on the lives and works of 4 interlocking circles of avant-garde poets, and chronicles the major artists of the New York School.

Portrait Gallery
1996 Staff Exhibition
February 16, 1996 – February 27, 1996

Admire 44 objects by staff from the Smithsonian's Office of Protection Services, Building Management, the American Art Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery. 

American Art Museum
Georg Baselitz
February 15, 1996 – May 5, 1996

This first American retrospective of this German artist includes three decades of his paintings. This exhibition was organized by the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Hirshhorn Museum
Female Imagery in Indian Painting
February 10, 1996 – August 4, 1996

Explore 17 paintings from albums produced between the 15th and 19th centuries for Hindu and Islamic courts in India that focus on various aspects of women.

Freer Gallery
Who's in Charge: Workers and Managers in the U.S.
February 10, 1996 – April 7, 1996

American History Museum
Fakes and Forgeries
February 9, 1996 – October 20, 1996

Examine philatelic items that have been counterfeited, faked, or forged to defraud the Postal Service or unsuspecting collectors.

Postal Museum
In Human Form: Images of the Secular and Divine in Chinese Painting
February 8, 1996 – January 5, 1997

See 25 paintings from the 11th to 18th centuries that examine the ways actual and symbolic images of people influenced Chinese painting.

Freer Gallery
Smithson's Gift
January 26, 1996 – December 29, 2005

Trace the history of the Smithsonian beginning with James Smithson (1765-1829) who started the tradition of philanthropy with his bequest to the United States. 

Smithsonian Castle
Chaim Gross: A Celebration
January 26, 1996 – May 13, 1996

This exhibition focuses on the birds' eye maple sculpture Acrobatic Performers by Chaim Gross.

American Art Museum
Six Bridges and the Making of the New York Megalopolis
January 25, 1996 – April 19, 1996

Explore photographs, drawings, and maps that examine the 6 main New York City bridges designed by Othmar H. Ammann, which were erected between 1927 and 1964. 

Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Seto and Mino Ceramics
January 23, 1996 – August 8, 2001

Track 47 objects that how how ceramics have evolved from the 9th century to the present day in the adjacent Seto and Mino regions of central Japan.

Freer Gallery
Discover Orchids
January 20, 1996 – March 3, 1996

Explore the size, shape, color, habitat, and fragrance of orchids, one of the most diverse plant families.

English and French Caribbean Music in Washington, D.C.
January 8, 1996 – June 16, 1996

Follow the development of Washington, D.C.'s Caribbean music community by examining the history of performance and the presence of Caribbean music on Washington radio.

Anacostia Community Museum
Recent Acquisitions (1996)
January 5, 1996 – July 7, 1996

On view are two paintings, one print, and one drawing recently acquired by the museum.

Portrait Gallery
The Life of a Japanese Painting
December 17, 1995 – October 8, 1996

Understand different approaches to conserving and remounting Japanese paintings and the characteristics of Japanese painting formats and mounting styles in this exhibition.

Freer Gallery
Whispered Silences: Japanese American Detention Camps, Fifty Years Later
December 15, 1995 – January 15, 1996

Let 44 contemporary prints by photographer Joan Myers evoke the wartime experiences of Japanese Americans, as told through the weathered objects, abandoned gardens, and building fragments of World War II detention camp sites.

Ripley Center
Gilded Age Watercolors and Pastels from the Collection
December 15, 1995 – May 27, 1996

View 60 works from the permanent collection by such as artists as Childe Hassam, John Twachtman, Winslow Homer, and Thomas Moran.

American Art Museum