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Secrets of the Dark Chamber: The Art of the American Daguerreotype Secrets of the Dark Chamber: The Art of the American Daguerreotype
June 30, 1995 – October 29, 1995

152 daguerreotypes document the contribution this medium has made to American art and culture.

American Art Museum
The Enola Gay
June 28, 1995 – May 17, 1998

See an exhibition, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, that tells the story of the role of the Enola Gay in securing Japanese surrender.

Air and Space Museum
Anacostia: Not the Same Old Story (The Moten Elementary Collector's Exhibition)
June 17, 1995 – August 27, 1995

See an exhibition that explores African American history through art, poems, and stories, researched by local elementary students.

Anacostia Community Museum
Cape Verde Photographs
June 17, 1995 – July 15, 1995

See an exhibit of photographs by Ron Barboza being held in conjunction with Smithsonian's Folklife Festival.

Ripley Center
The Passionate Observer: Photographs by Carl Van Vechten
June 16, 1995 – August 13, 1995

76 portrait photographs serve as a visual catalogue of the artist's life and times from 1880-1964. 

Portrait Gallery
Sean Scully: Twenty Years, 1976-1995
June 14, 1995 – September 10, 1995

On view are 30 abstract paintings and 32 watercolors by this Irish-born American artist.

Hirshhorn Museum
Flight Time Barbie: Dolls from the Popular Culture Collection of the National Air and Space Museum
June 9, 1995 – September 4, 1995

Trace the history of Barbie from American Airlines stewardess in 1961 through astronaut in 1994 in this exhibit of 56 space- and aviation-related toys.

Air and Space Museum
Field for Dreams: A Recently Acquired 18th-Century Bedcover
June 6, 1995 – August 20, 1995

See a rare English embroidered bedcovering made between 1720 - 1740 and other related items from the museum's collection.

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
Science and the Artist's Book
May 26, 1995 – May 28, 1996

American History Museum
Ancient Nubia: Egypt's Rival in Africa
May 24, 1995 – September 4, 1995

See over 300 objects that trace the 3,500-year history of Nubia (c. 3100 B.C.-400 A.D.), an ancient civilization that existed along the upper Nile River.

African Art Museum
Recent Acquisitions at the Renwick
May 23, 1995 – October 1, 1995

See 11 craft works recently acquired by the museum., including Michael Taylor's glass sculpture Selenium Ruby (1994) and Eleanor Moty's Folded Brooch (1990).

Renwick Gallery
1995 Discover Graphics
May 20, 1995 – July 17, 1995

View 41 graphics created by students of Discover Graphics, a project of The Smithsonian Associates. The works were selected by a panel of Smithsonian Institution graphic arts curators. 

Ripley Center
Whistler & Japan
May 14, 1995 – February 11, 1996

View prints, drawings, and paintings created by Whistler during the 1860s and 1870s from the museum's collection.

Freer Gallery
Are We There Yet? Vacationing in America
May 12, 1995 – April 20, 1997

Take a whimsical look at American-style vacationing through this display of 25 postcards from popular destinations and tourist spots.

Postal Museum
The White House Collection of American Crafts The White House Collection of American Crafts
April 28, 1995 – September 4, 1995

American Art Museum
Ocean Planet
April 22, 1995 – April 30, 1996

This exhibition explores both the majesty, diversity, and bounty of the world's oceans and the threats to the marine ecosystem.

Natural History Museum
The Harmon and Harriet Kelley Collection of African American Art
April 20, 1995 – July 30, 1995

This exhibition features 123 paintings, photos, and sculptures by 71 African American artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Air Power in World War II: The Grumman F6F Hellcat
April 19, 1995 – April 2, 1996

See an F6F-5, one of the carrier-based fighter planes of World War II that was responsible for almost 75% of the U.S. Navy's air victories during the war in the Pacific.

Air and Space Museum
Kitsch to Corbusier: Wallpaper from the 1950s
April 11, 1995 – August 20, 1995

See how post-WWII interests are expressed in over 50 wallpaper designs by Le Corbusier, Calder, Matisse, and Miro.

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
In Pursuit of the Butterfly: Portraits of James McNeill Whistler
April 7, 1995 – August 13, 1995

80 paintings, sculptures, prints, and photos show aspects of the artist's public and private lives (1834-1903) as portrayed by fellow artists.

Portrait Gallery