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Theodore Roosevelt: Icon of the American Century
October 27, 1998 – February 7, 1999

Visit a retrospective about the man whose progressive ideas significantly shaped our national character.

Portrait Gallery
GPS: A New Constellation
October 17, 1998 – Closed

View an exhibition that examines the history, development, and current applications of the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Air and Space Museum
Pomo Indian Basket Weavers: Their Baskets and the Art Market
October 16, 1998 – January 18, 1999

Trace the history of art basketry & Pomoan participation in the 19th-c. California art market through portrait photographs, historical images, and 125 baskets. 

Natural History Museum
Mayhem by Mail
October 16, 1998 – April 23, 2001

See objects used in the commission of postal crime, including a 1920s Tommy gun and fraudulent mail advertisements.

Postal Museum
A Visual Journey: Photographs by Lisa Law, 1964-1971
October 16, 1998 – April 11, 1999

See more than 60 of Lisa Law's photographs documenting the sweeping personal and cultural changes of the 1960s.

American History Museum
Chuck Close
October 15, 1998 – January 10, 1999

This retrospective features some 80 paintings, drawings, prints, and photos by this American photo-realist artist.

Hirshhorn Museum
Beyond the Legacy: Anniversary Acquisitions
October 11, 1998 – April 11, 1999

In observance of the Freer's 75th anniversary, see 100 recent acquisitions that bridge four millennia of Asian art.

Freer Gallery
As Precious as Gold
October 7, 1998 – September 9, 2002

A 42-ounce gold nugget, mining tools, maps, personal items, photographs, and a dog sled used to deliver the mail illustrate the story of the 1897-98 rush for gold in Alaska and the Klondike.

Postal Museum
The Architecture of Reassurance: Designing the Disney Theme Parks
October 6, 1998 – January 10, 1999

See some 200 artifacts that reveal the methods of Disney's design team and trace the history of the parks from original concepts to present day developments.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
The Jesuits and the Grand Mogul: Renaissance Art at the Imperial Court of India (1580-1630)
September 27, 1998 – April 4, 1999

See 22 paintings, books, and objects that show the blending of Eastern and Western artistic styles resulting from the presence of early Catholic missions in Asia.

Sackler Gallery
Eyeing America: Robert Cottingham Prints
September 25, 1998 – January 31, 1999

This exhibition features a full set of photorealist prints of city scenes created from 1972 to 1991 by this artist.

American Art Museum
Frontier Photographer: Edward S. Curtis
September 23, 1998 – September 27, 1999

This exhibition features images from Curtis's comprehensive 20-volume study The North American Indian (1907-1930) and examines the personal and professional struggles he faced in producing his landmark work.

American History Museum
Red Alert
September 21, 1998 – November 26, 1999

This case presents the Red List, the 1st global list of endangered and extinct flowering plants, conifers, and ferns, researched and compiled by scientists in the Museum's Dept. of Botany and others.  

Natural History Museum
South Africa 1936-1949: Photographs by Constance Stuart Larrabee
September 20, 1998 – February 28, 1999

See 79 black and white images taken by Larrabee (b. 1914) in the '30s and '40s that document the lives of African peoples in both rural and urban settings.

African Art Museum
The Art of Jack Delano
September 19, 1998 – October 25, 1998

Trace the social themes found in Delano's work over the last 50 years in these 72 photos, including images of the Depression and Puerto Rican life during and after World War II.

Ripley Center
Andy Warhol's Flash—November 22, 1963
September 18, 1998 – December 27, 1998

This 14-print portfolio by Andy Warhol (1928-1987) interprets the media's coverage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, beginning with the shooting on November 22, 1963, to the funeral three days later.

Portrait Gallery
Beyond the Maine: Imaging the New Empire
September 17, 1998 – October 13, 1998

See 80 photographs that illustrate life in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines after the Spanish-American War of 1898.

Ripley Center
The Art of Being Kuna: Layers of Meaning Among the Kuna of Panama
September 13, 1998 – March 21, 1999

See a 300-work exhibition focusing primarily on the "molas" (colorful, richly decorated applique blouses), for which the Kuna of Panama are world-renowned.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
Daniel Brush: Gold without Boundaries
September 11, 1998 – January 10, 1999

View some 60 objects, from jewelry to sculpture created from 1974-1997, that feature exotic metals and metalworking techniques.

Renwick Gallery
The Stonewares of Charles Fergus Binns: The Father of American Studio Ceramics
September 11, 1998 – January 3, 1999

See 60 stoneware vases, bottles, bowls, and jars, dating from 1888 to 1943, by Charles Fergus Binns.

American Art Museum

Results: 4651 items
Items Per Page: