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Whistler's Nudes
April 21, 2002 – January 5, 2003

View some 35 of Whistler's most beautiful pastels and lithographs featuring thinly dressed female models striking dramatic poses in his studio.

Freer Gallery
Gifts & Blessings: The Textile Arts of Madagascar
April 14, 2002 – September 2, 2002

View an exhibit explaining the historical context and dynamism of Madagascar's contemporary cloth production.

African Art Museum
Hamadryad: Meditation as Sculpture
April 14, 2002 – September 15, 2002

Visit Okura Jira's series of three wood sculptures that unite his ideas about nature, form, process, and spirit.

Sackler Gallery
Chinese Buddhist Sculpture in a New Light
April 14, 2002 – September 7, 2003

See a collection of devotional objects created in China for Buddhist worship that possess great visual and spiritual power, and were so popular that they spawned the manufacture of forgeries, which were then bought by foreign collectors.

Freer Gallery
The West Wing: A Chronology
April 5, 2002 – September 30, 2003

Use images and text to trace the history of the west wing of the Castle -- from its first use as the Institution's library to its use as The Commons restaurant (closed May 12, 2003).

Smithsonian Castle
Louis Armstrong's Cornet
April 1, 2002 – April 30, 2002

See  the cornet on which Louis Armstrong, the founding father of jazz, learned to play.  

American History Museum
Japanese Screens
March 24, 2002 – November 3, 2002

See screens from the Muromachi (1333-1573), Momoyama (1573-1615), and Edo (1615-1868) periods, depicting animals and plants as well as sages, aristocratic entertainments, and commoners' outings.

Freer Gallery
Cherry Blossom Festival Poster Contest: Best in Show
March 24, 2002 – April 7, 2002

See the "Best in Show" artwork from the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival Poster Contest.

Freer Gallery
July 1942: United We Stand
March 22, 2002 – October 27, 2002

Of the original 500 magazines printed July 1942 that featured the American flag, this exhibition reunites 60 years later nearly 100 of these covers.

American History Museum
Directions: Ernesto Neto
March 21, 2002 – June 23, 2002

The Dangerous Logic of Wooing (2002) is the museum's latest site-specific installation by Brazilian sculptor Ernesto Neto.

Hirshhorn Museum
Wood Turning since 1930
March 15, 2002 – July 14, 2002

Admire 130 works in this exhibit that documents six decades of wood turning in North America.

Renwick Gallery
Heart and Hands: Musical Instrument Makers of America
March 7, 2002 – April 24, 2002

View approximately 90 large, color, digital photographs by Jake Jacobson depicting more than 250 craftspeople constructing, displaying, and playing a variety of musical instruments.

Arts and Industries
Metropolis in the Machine Age
February 28, 2002 – September 2, 2002

This installation of nearly 40 works from the 1910s through the 1930s revisits avant-garde art from both sides of the Atlantic.

Hirshhorn Museum
History in the News: Ensuring the Safety of Millions: A Century of Regulating Biological Products
February 20, 2002 – March 21, 2003

View the oldest known sample of diphtheria antitoxin in the U.S., samples of smallpox vaccine, a smallpox quarantine sign, and an early HIV test kit.

American History Museum
Corridos sin Fronteras: A New World Ballad Tradition
February 14, 2002 – April 17, 2002

Explore the historical development of the corrido (ballad) in the New World over the past 200 years in this bilingual exhibition of vintage and modern recordings, broadsides, photographs, posters, musical instruments, and other memorabilia.

Arts and Industries
H.C. Westermann
February 14, 2002 – May 12, 2002

This retrospective of American sculptor H.C. Westermann (1922-1981) features the artist's sculptural work in depth, covering his career from his first mature works in the mid-1950s to his final works made in 1981.

Hirshhorn Museum
30th Anniversary Exhibition
February 12, 2002 – May 31, 2002

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Renwick with an exhibition featuring objects from all media--clay, fiber, glass, metal, and wood--that illustrate the breadth of its collection.

Renwick Gallery
George Washington: A National Treasure
February 12, 2002 – August 22, 2004

In celebration of its acquisition by and for the American people, the famous and iconic portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart will leave the nation's capital for a cross-country tour.

Portrait Gallery
Precious Memories: Collectors' Passion
February 11, 2002 – September 30, 2002

Explore the work of citizen preservationists and cultural historians who are major collectors of African American art, memorabilia, and archival objects.

Anacostia Community Museum
Sculptures by Bill Taylor
February 11, 2002 – September 30, 2002

View carved and welded works by Washington, D.C., sculptor Bill Taylor that reveal the dignity and elegance of the female form.

Anacostia Community Museum

Results: 4660 items
Items Per Page: