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Exploring Garden Transformations, 1900-2000
September 30, 2000 – January 8, 2001

See photographs, garden benches, and urns that document how 5 gardens appeared at the beginning and the end of the 1900s and how they evolved over time.

Gifts from the Desert
September 28, 2000 – October 11, 2000

View 34 paintings of wildlife of the Saudi Arabian desert by Northern Ireland wildlife artist Julian Friers.

Goya Foods
September 27, 2000 – November 30, 2000

Papers and objects are used to provide a brief history of the GOYA food company -- the largest Hispanic-owned business in the US -- and the Unanue family who founded it.

American History Museum
Identity of the Sacred: Two Nigerian Shrine Figures
September 24, 2000 – April 2, 2001

View two wooden sculptures -- one Igbo, the other Urhobo -- representing tutelary deities and ancestors found in two societies of southeastern Nigeria

African Art Museum
Town and Country
September 22, 2000 – January 15, 2001

On view are 2 highly detailed, fully functional, 1/6-size models of 19th-century mail delivery vehicles used in both urban and country settings.

Postal Museum
Fountains of Light: Islamic Metalwork from the Nuhad Es-Said Collection
September 17, 2000 – February 29, 2004

View a group of 27 inlaid precious metal objects from the Nuhad Es-Said Collection, considered one of the finest collections of Islamic metalwork in private hands.

Sackler Gallery
Santos: Substance and Soul
September 17, 2000 – March 31, 2001

Explore the history of 40 Santos --painted wood carvings of saints -- which can be traced in Hispanic communities back to the 16th century.

The Collection in Context: Horace Pippin's "Holy Mountain III"
September 14, 2000 – March 14, 2001

See a Biblical scene painted in 1945 by self-taught African American artist Horace Pippin.

Hirshhorn Museum
The Opulent Eye of Alexander Girard
September 12, 2000 – March 18, 2001

Discover the work of artist Alexander Girard (1907-1993), one of America's most innovative 20th century designers, who created textiles as well as graphics, interiors, and furnishings that introduced modern design to millions of Americans.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Desert and Sea: Visions of Baja California
September 12, 2000 – March 12, 2001

This bilingual exhibition features more than 60 color photographs by 6 photographers that depict the forces of change and relationships among geology, climate, and the diversity of living things.

Natural History Museum
A Celebration of American Invention
September 2, 2000 – October 13, 2000

See archival materials and objects related to 3 inventors whose papers are in the Center's collection: Everett H. Bickley (a seed-sorting machine), Charles F. Brannock (the metal foot-measuring device used when buying new shoes), and Marion O'Brien Donovan (several household products, including a waterproof diaper cover).   

American History Museum
Recounting Roosevelt Presentation Albums, 1903-1905
July 26, 2000 – February 23, 2001

These three rare philatelic presentation albums were given as favors during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.

Postal Museum
Artists at Work 2000: A Celebration of Smithsonian Staff Creativity
July 25, 2000 – September 4, 2000

This juried exhibition of art by Smithsonian staff features 86 works in various media.

Rube Goldberg: Comic Art and Invention
July 24, 2000 – October 31, 2000

See original comic art and a five-foot cartoon model "Alarm Clock" by artist and inventor Rube Goldberg (1883-1970). Goldberg published a comic series on invention that ran from 1914 to the 1960s. 

American History Museum
Tour de France Winner Lance Armstrong's Bicycle and Jersey
July 24, 2000 – September 5, 2000

On view are Lance Armstrong's United States Postal Service jersey and a replica of the bicycle that he rode in the 1999 Tour de France Race.

Postal Museum
Directions: Cathy de Monchaux
July 14, 2000 – October 26, 2000

View sculptural forms combining brass, puckered suede, chalk, and paper--part seductive, part repellent objects and installations that suggest animal or human anatomy.

Hirshhorn Museum
The Disability Rights Movement The Disability Rights Movement
July 6, 2000 – July 23, 2001

Marking the 10th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, this exhibition examines the history of activism by people with disabilities, their friends, and families to secure the civil rights guaranteed to all Americans.

American History Museum
The Tea Ceremony in Japan
July 2, 2000 – February 4, 2001

Learn about the connoisseurship of tea-ceremony utensils, through which the tea ceremony chanoyu brings order, meaning, and pleasure.

Freer Gallery
Poets and Parties
July 2, 2000 – February 4, 2001

Enjoy 20 drawings, screens, and scrolls that include portraits of poets, women, historical personages, characters from literature and legend, and anonymous idealized types.

Freer Gallery
Just Ducky -- The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program
June 30, 2000 – August 3, 2000

This exhibition of juried artwork by students from the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program is designed to encourage wetlands conservation awareness through the arts.

Postal Museum