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Toy-Related Materials in the Archives Center Collection
October 2, 2002 – January 14, 2003

See archival documents on toys (e.g., yo-yos, paper dolls, trains, stoves, and sewing machines).

American History Museum
Photo du Jour: David Hume Kennerly's Picture-a-Day Journey Through the First Year of New Millennium
October 1, 2002 – December 29, 2002

View 150 black-and-white photographs -- taken in locations from Saginaw to Saigon -- by Pulitzer Prize winner David Hume Kennerly.

Arts and Industries
Palaces and Pavilions: Grand Architecture in Chinese Painting
September 29, 2002 – March 30, 2003

Learn how real imperial structures and mythical Daoist palaces have been pictured over the centuries in Chinese art in these rarely shown scrolls, album leaves, and 3-dimensional objects dating from the 2nd century c.e. to the 19th century.

Freer Gallery
Chicano Now: American Expressions
September 27, 2002 – January 5, 2003

See the range of Chicano cultural styles expressed through walk-in environments, video art and performances, images, and interactives.

Arts and Industries
Expressing Freedom
September 26, 2002 – October 28, 2002

See 11 award-winning works of art by 10 young artists with disabilities.

Ripley Center
Mammals on the Move: Anteaters: Fast Food Specialists
September 17, 2002 – January 14, 2003

Through photographs, objects, an interactive, and a video in this 8-foot kiosk, learn about 4 kinds of anteaters.

Natural History Museum
Masterful Illusions: Japanese Prints from the Anne van Biema Collection
September 15, 2002 – January 19, 2003

See 138 Japanese woodblock prints from the collection of Anne van Biema that include prints of Kabuki actors in the thriving cities of Edo and Osaka.

Sackler Gallery
September 11: Bearing Witness to History
September 11, 2002 – July 6, 2003

The personal stories, photographs, and artifacts from the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and the Flight 93 crash site in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, commemorate the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

American History Museum
George Catlin and His Indian Gallery
September 6, 2002 – January 20, 2003

See the most comprehensive display of Catlin's works in over a century, in an exhibition that showcases more than 400 paintings, personal papers, and American Indian artifacts and tells his unique story, including his relationship with the Smithsonian.

Renwick Gallery
Philatelic Firsts from the National Postal Museum
August 23, 2002 – October 28, 2002

See philatelic firsts including the first U.S. postage stamp and airmail cover.

Postal Museum
Bon Appetit! Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian
August 19, 2002 – January 8, 2012

Step into the culinary world of Julia Child, America's favorite chef!

American History Museum
Town and Country
August 9, 2002 – February 4, 2003

On view are two highly detailed, fully functional, 1/6-size models of 19th-century mail delivery vehicles.

Postal Museum
Ancient Mexican Art from the Collection of the National Museum of the American Indian
July 21, 2002 – March 15, 2003

See 44 pieces from the museum's collection that illustrate the cultural and historic continuity of Mexican art for more than 2,000 years.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art from the Collection of Fomento Cultural Banamex, A.C.
July 21, 2002 – March 15, 2003

See more than 600 masterworks from all 31 states of the Mexican Republic, representing a comprehensive view of past and contemporary folk art of Mexico.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
Invention at Play
July 19, 2002 – December 29, 2002

Through the stories of inventors and innovators, this hands-on exhibition encourages visitors young and old to explore the relationship between play and invention in the past, present, and future, and to experiment with their own playful and inventive abilities. 

American History Museum
Forces of Change: Global Links: El Nino's Powerful Reach
July 19, 2002 – March 28, 2003

Make use of the El Nino weather phenomenon to demonstrate the dynamic interrelations among the Earth's 4 components - the geosphere (land), atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water), and biosphere (life).

Natural History Museum
Directions: Ron Mueck
July 18, 2002 – October 27, 2002

The alarmingly realistic figures of London-based Australian sculptor Ron Mueck (b. Melbourne, 1958) are featured in this show of four works.

Hirshhorn Museum
American Lifestyle Display
July 17, 2002 – September 25, 2002

See 4 groupings of garden furniture that reflect changes in Americans' outdoor lifestyles -- from the sedentary pleasures of parlor gardening to more active pastimes.

Arts and Industries
American Quilt Legacy Case: World War II Friendship Quilt
July 4, 2002 – May 18, 2005

The American Quilt Legacy case features pieces from the museum's collection on a rotating basis, currently showcasing a WWII friendship quilt.

American History Museum
Time Magazine: Person of the Year at 75
July 3, 2002 – September 5, 2002

Bring to life the dynamic assembly of history and individuals in this exhibition of Time's Person of the Year.

Arts and Industries

Results: 4664 items
Items Per Page: