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The Sources of Country Music
June 29, 1976 – September 6, 1976

See a mural completed by Thomas Hart Benton just before his death in 1975, as well as 27 sketches and studies in pencil, ink and oil made by the artist in conjunction with the mural. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Robert Rauschenberg: Stoned Moon Series
June 29, 1976 – September 6, 1976

In conjunction with the opening of the National Air and Space Museum, see a group of 29 lithographs by the artist. They were created after he watched the launching of Apollo 11 in 1969. The Series' title makes reference to stones used in the lithographic process. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Homage to Joan Prats
June 29, 1976 – September 6, 1976

See 11 prints by 8 artists, including Calder and Miro, in tribute to their friend, Joan Prats, a Barcelona hatmaker whose shop was a gathering place for artists and critics until his death in 1970.

Hirshhorn Museum
Treasures of London
June 26, 1976 – July 18, 1976

See outstanding examples of 500 years of British silver work, including modern jewelry and pieces.

Smithsonian Castle
Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself: The Fight at Little Big Horn
June 25, 1976 – October 21, 1976

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Custer's Last Stand at Little Big Horn, see his Army Orders--never before exhibited--his buckskin coat and pants, a battle flag, rifles, maps, photographs, an Indian pictograph and 22 drawings by Red Horse, a participant in the battle.

Portrait Gallery
Portrait Miniatures from Private Collections
June 25, 1976 – January 9, 1976

Trace the evolution of the American portrait miniature from Colonial times to that of the Civil War in these 125 works.

American Art Museum
1876: American Art of the Centennial
May 28, 1976 – November 28, 1976

The majority of the 25 paintings and 5 pieces of sculpture in this exhibition were shown in the American gallery at the Philadelphia Centennial of 1876.

American Art Museum
The Golden Door: Artist-Immigrants of America, 1876-1976
May 20, 1976 – October 20, 1976

Visit 204 works by 67 foreign-born painters, sculptors, architects and photographers celebrating the fact that in the past century, the U.S. offered sanctuary to the world's immigrants and refugees, and that, in turn, the artist-immigrants made major contributions to our cultural heritage. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Portrait of Sarah Porter
May 17, 1976 – June 15, 1976

View a portrait of the founder of Miss Porter's School.

Portrait Gallery
The Pelzman Memorial Glockenspiel
May 16, 1976 – December 31, 1980

Delight in a glockenspiel featuring animated animals and music hourly.

National Zoo
Arne Jacobsen, Danish Architect and Designer
May 13, 1976 – August 1, 1976

See photographic panels that illustrate his architectural work, while more than 100 objects present a selection of his product designs.

Renwick Gallery
Christian Gullager: Portrait Painter to Federal America
May 12, 1976 – September 6, 1976

View about 30 portraits by Danish-born Christian Gullager (1759-1826), who painted many wealthy and distinguished Americans, the most illustrious being President George Washington.

Portrait Gallery
1876: A Centennial Exhibition 1876: A Centennial Exhibition
May 10, 1976 – August 10, 1996

See materials acquired from the nation's 1876 Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia.

John Robinson - A Retrospective
May 9, 1976 – June 13, 1976

Works of the nationally known artist, a resident of Anacostia, are displayed.

Anacostia Community Museum
America as Art
April 30, 1976 – November 7, 1976

Examine how American art has been identified with the changing concepts and ideals associated with the U.S. over the past 200 years.

American Art Museum
Behind the Scenes at the National Collection of Fine Arts
April 16, 1976 – September 6, 1976

Understand the variety and scope of the museum's operations, using the Bicentennial exhibition America as Art as a focus.

American Art Museum
Abroad in America: Visitors to the New Nation, 1776-1914
April 9, 1976 – January 30, 1977

Visit the third and final installation of a 3-part Bicentennial exhibition, featuring visitors who were important in taking their views of America to a wide foreign audience.

Portrait Gallery
Bicentennial Banners
March 31, 1976 – September 6, 1976

Enjoy 20 bright-colored nylon banners hung outdoors in the HSMG fountain court, in keeping with the custom of flying flags and banners at national celebrations.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Artists, Authors, and Others: Drawings by David Levine
March 4, 1976 – June 6, 1976

See an exhibition of 65 pen and ink caricatures of personalities in the arts, including Levine's acerbic drawings of Rembrandt, Picasso, Pollock, Hemingway, Joyce, Mann, Stravinsky, Mahler, Fellini, Bogart and Chaplin. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Signs of Life: Symbols in the American City
February 26, 1976 – October 31, 1976

Examine the symbols and signs in the domestic, commercial and civic sectors of our culture, discussing their origins and evolutions over the last 200 years and suggesting their greater meaning as cultural artifacts.

Renwick Gallery