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American Coverlets
May 11, 1973 – September 16, 1973

Enjoy the beautiful, utilitarian art form shown by 15 woven American coverlets, and 13 color reproductions and text panels.

Renwick Gallery
High School Graphics III
May 6, 1973 – September 13, 1973

Visit the third annual exhibition of graphics by students of D.C. public high schools. Sponsored by NCFA*.

American Art Museum
50th Anniversary Celebration
May 1, 1973 – July 15, 1974

The 50th anniversary of the Freer Gallery includes the following exhibits:
Ceramics from the World of Islam
Chinese Figure Painting
Japanese Ukiyo-e Paintings
Christian Manuscripts
Christian Jewelry

Freer Gallery
Portrait Prints and Drawings
May 1, 1973 – August 31, 1974

See a newly installed, continuing exhibit of the Portrait Gallery's finest prints and drawings. Likenesses of Alexander Hamilton, Horace Greeley, Albert Einstein and Enrico Caruso are included.

Portrait Gallery
Graphics '73: Rawlston Crawford
April 27, 1973 – May 28, 1973

See some 65 drawings, watercolors and prints by the American artist; organized by the University of Kentucky.

American Art Museum
The Dusseldorf Academy and the Americans
April 27, 1973 – June 24, 1973

Organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, this exhibition presents 150 watercolors and drawings by major American artists and their German instructors at an art school prominent nearly 150 years ago.

American Art Museum
5 Sense Store: An Aesthetic Design for Education
April 10, 1973 – June 17, 1973

An experiential exhibition, planned for groups of 30 children, is divided into 3 areas of exploration: Sound/Image Society, the Activity Area and the Space Place.

American Art Museum
Noted American Authors
April 8, 1973 – May 13, 1973

See 26 portraits of writers from the permanent collection; organized to coincide with National Library Week, which begins April 9.

Portrait Gallery
The Design Necessity
April 5, 1973 – June 30, 1973

See photographic panels, texts and a film that document case histories of good design in Federal projects, including restoration of the Renwick and the Fine Arts and Portrait Galleries.

Renwick Gallery
The Eighth Dulin National Print and Drawint Competition
March 23, 1973 – April 22, 1973

See some 65 drawings and prints from the 8th annual open competition conducted by the Dulin Gallery or Art in Knoxville.

American Art Museum
Contemporary Paintings from India
March 16, 1973 – April 15, 1973

See 54 oils by 18 artists, surveying the modern scene in India.

Renwick Gallery
Anacostia Today (Evolution of a Community, Part II)
March 1, 1973 – July 31, 1973

The history of Anacostia from post-World War II through the present is documented in photos, drawings, video tape, and slide/tape presentations.

Anacostia Community Museum
Alfred H. Mauer
February 23, 1973 – May 15, 1973

Visit a retrospective exhibit of this American artist, including about 90 paintings and some drawings, including figure studies, landscapes, still-lifes and portraits.

American Art Museum
Objects for Preparing Food
February 9, 1973 – April 29, 1973

See more than 500 historic and contemporary objects ranging from a crocodile-shaped grater from Egypt to the most modern industrially designed utensils.

Renwick Gallery
From Within
February 2, 1973 – March 25, 1973

See some 50 paintings by artist-inmates of the state maximum security prison at Auburn, New York.

American Art Museum
2500 Years of Persian Art
February 1, 1973 – June 30, 1973

See decorative work from manuscripts, metalwork, ceramics and architectural decorations.

Freer Gallery
Recent Acquisitions
February 1, 1973 – May 30, 1973

View 25 new portraits, including the only known painting of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and also a painting of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts.

Portrait Gallery
Catlin's Indians
February 1, 1973 – September 6, 1973

Visit a gallery of art by George Catlin. About 30 paintings of Indians and Western scenes are on view.

American Art Museum
Johann Herman Carmiencke: Drawings and Watercolors
January 9, 1973 – March 18, 1973

View 60 drawings and watercolors of European and American landscapes by Carmiencke, court painter to King Christian VIII of Denmark, who emigrated to the U.S. and became a teacher and member of the National Academy of Design.

American Art Museum
Exhibition '73
January 1, 1973 – February 18, 1973

See an art display by members of the D.C. Art Association. Over 40 artists are represented with works in sculpture, oils, watercolors and acrylics.

Anacostia Community Museum