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Jamie Wyeth Sketches of Jimmy Carter
March 1, 1977 – June 30, 1977

See 7 sketches done in Plains, GA in December 1976.

Portrait Gallery
China Revisited: Ink Paintings by Thomas George
February 18, 1977 – April 10, 1977

See 62 works done during a 1976 visit to the People's Republic of China. George's interpretations of mountains, cliffs and valleys is a combination of abstract and fact.

American Art Museum
Flags of Famous Black Military Units
February 13, 1977 – March 31, 1977

View reproductions of 7 flags representing the participation of blacks in U.S. military forces from the American Revolution through World War II.

Anacostia Community Museum
Daniel Chester French: An American Sculptor
February 11, 1977 – April 10, 1977

Witness the first major retrospective exhibition of one of America's most prolific sculptors of public monuments. Made up of 55 works, the pieces fange from small plaster studies to larger-than-life bronzes.

American Art Museum
14 Canadians: A Critic's Choice
February 3, 1977 – April 10, 1977

Visit an exhibition of 42 recent works by 13 painters and one sculptor that is being held in conjunction with a Symposium on 20th century Canadian culture. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Art of Dynastic Egypt
February 1, 1977 – November 30, 1977

See a selection of 20 Egyptian objects that includes amulets, a mummy mask, and 5 decorated glass vessels.

Freer Gallery
Recent Acquisitions from the Department of Photographs
February 1, 1977 – December 31, 1977

View 50 recent acquisitions of the Gallery's new Department of Photographs.

Portrait Gallery
Recent American Etchings
January 28, 1977 – March 20, 1977

See 43 etchings, mezzotints, and aquatints, the majority of which were created in the late 60s by artists with reputations in painting and sculpture.

American Art Museum
The President's Medal
January 19, 1977 – June 26, 1977

Admire the distinctive form of American portraiture represented by presidential inaugural medals, tracing back to the first one. All available examples of the medal, customarily struck in gold, are on view, as well as badges, souvenirs and letters.

Portrait Gallery
John White Alexander (1856-1915)
December 22, 1976 – July 4, 1977

View about 55 oils, watercolors, drawings and illustrations that comprise the first comprehensive exhibition of Alexander's work in 60 years.

American Art Museum
The Object as Poet
December 15, 1976 – June 26, 1977

Examine the relationship of poetry and the poetic image to objects made by artist-craftsmen. It is part of a city-wide festival of poetry and its relation to the visual arts.

Renwick Gallery
Not the Model Boy
December 9, 1976 – March 5, 1977

See an exhibition of Mark Twain portraits, photos, books and documents marking the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Portrait Gallery
Stitch Pictures by Ethel Mohamed
December 3, 1976 – July 10, 1977

See colorful stitched needlework pictures, many about life in Mississippi, made by Mrs. Mohamed.

Renwick Gallery
e.e. cummings: The Poet as Artist
December 2, 1976 – February 6, 1977

See the HMSG collection of 63 drawings, 5 watercolors and one oil painting by the American poet exhibited as part of Inscapes: Words and Images, a city-wide festival of poetry and its relation to the visual arts.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Peter Plagens: Works on Paper
December 2, 1976 – February 6, 1977

Visit a loan exhibition of about 33 works in mixed media and pastel by the West Coast artist and author of Sunshine Muse: Contemporary Art on the West Coast

Hirshhorn Museum
A Touch of the Poet: Portraits from the Permanent Collection
December 1, 1976 – December 31, 1976

Take a self-guided tour of portraits of American poets, including W.H.Auden, Stephen Vincent Benet, Robert Frost, e.e. cummings, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Marianne Moore.

Portrait Gallery
The Art of Poetry: 1950-1975
November 19, 1976 – January 23, 1977

Visit 53 paintings and graphics presenting a select range of works by American artists based on specific poems, American and foreign.

American Art Museum
Jacob Kainen: Prints, A Retrospective
November 19, 1976 – January 23, 1977

See about 70 works of the Washington painter, ranging from representational to non-objective in style, and created in several processes--woodcut, intaglio, and black and white and color lithography.

American Art Museum
Chac-Mool: A Bicentennial Loan from Mexico
November 19, 1976 – March 5, 1977

On loan from the National Museum of History and Anthropology, Mexico City, is a major piece of Maya-Toltec sculpture (978-1185 A.D.) In addition, 12-15 Meso-American works from the HMSG collection are on view.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Shinto Art
November 11, 1976 – November 1, 1976

See a variety of Japanese religious objects dating from the Tumulus Period (3rd-6th century) to the Edo Period (18th century).

Freer Gallery