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Student Art from District of Columbia Public Schools
June 1, 1974 – July 2, 1974

View more than a hundred works, including paintings, wire sculptures, paper mache, silkscreens, photographs, and etchings from elementary and secondary schools.

Anacostia Community Museum
Bust of Lyndon Baines Johnson
May 29, 1974 – June 30, 1974

Visit a bust of Lyndon Baines Johnson by Jimilu Mason.

Portrait Gallery
Anne Ryan Collages/Supplementary Collage Exhibition
May 24, 1974 – July 14, 1974

Visit the first major museum exhibition of works of Anne Ryan (1889-1954), who "found her medium" at the age of 58.

American Art Museum
The Goldsmith: Jewelry and Other Objects by Contemporary Artist-Craftsmen of North America
May 17, 1974 – August 18, 1974

See jewelry, hollow ware, flatware and architectural and decorative accessories of 145 artists, selected from a recent competition.

Renwick Gallery
Portraits of House Speakers
May 10, 1974 – May 28, 1974

Visit two portraits of the Speaker of the House; current Speaker Carl Albert and the first Speaker, Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg.

Portrait Gallery
5th Members Exhibition Washington Print Club
May 3, 1974 – June 16, 1974

See 50 graphics, all from the private collections of Club members, including works by Milton Avery, Mary Cassatt, Edvard Munch and Jacque Villon.

American Art Museum
Abraham Lincoln: The White House Years
April 14, 1974 – September 15, 1974

Mark the anniversary of the assassination of Lincoln through photographs, cartoons and other associative items show how he changed during the Civil War years.

Portrait Gallery
200 Years of Royal Copenhagen Porcelain
April 12, 1974 – June 30, 1974

See a selection of 137 porcelain, stoneware, and faience works from the historical and contemporary collections of the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory, Ltd., the oldest Danish enterprise in the field of applied art.

Renwick Gallery
Santos: Popular Forms of Faith in Latin America
March 16, 1974 – April 15, 1974

See some 50 folk representations of religious personages from New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil, ranging in date from the late 18th century to the present.

Renwick Gallery
Portrait of Senator Hubert Humphrey
March 1, 1974 – April 15, 1974

View a portrait of Senator Hubert Humphrey by Iowa artist Robert Templeton, presented to the Portrait Gallery last month.

Portrait Gallery
Herman A. Webster: Etchings, Drawings and Watercolors
February 15, 1974 – April 21, 1974

See some 70 works by the American Expatriate artist Herman Webster (1878-1970) that reveal his interest and skill in lovingly portraying a romantic Europe.

American Art Museum
Art of the Pacific Northwest: From the 1930s to the Present
February 8, 1974 – May 5, 1974

See some 80 paintings, 20 sculptures, and 20 drawings with about 45 artists represented, including Mark Tobey, Morris Groves, C.S. Price, and Kenneth Callahan.

American Art Museum
American Self-Portraits
February 1, 1974 – March 15, 1974

View about 100 works illustrating 300 years of changing taste and fashion in portraiture, in this International Traveling Exhibition Foundation show.

Portrait Gallery
Portrait of Pearl Buck
January 21, 1974 – February 3, 1974

See a 1968 oil portrait of the author Pearl S. Buck, added to the permanent collection at a presentation ceremony January 21, 1974.

Portrait Gallery
Barnett-Aden Collection: 100 Years of Multi-Ethnic Art
January 20, 1974 – May 6, 1974

See about 100 paintings and sculptures on loan from this important collection.

Anacostia Community Museum
Paintings from Pakistan
January 17, 1974 – March 3, 1974

See a selection of some 30 paintings made by a panel of artists and art critics invited by the Pakistan Ministry of Information to choose significant and interesting works of contemporary Pakistani artists.

Renwick Gallery
Ice Age: Ice Age Mammals and the Emergence of Man Ice Age: Ice Age Mammals and the Emergence of Man
1974 – Spring 2010

This hall provides a glimpse of the Ice Age, one of the most extraordinary times in earth's history and features skeletons of some of the largest Ice Age mammals, including the woolly mammoth.

Natural History Museum
Reptiles and Amphibians Reptiles and Amphibians
– March 2011

Life-size displays illustrate the eating habits, defenses, and locomotion of a variety of snakes and amphibians.

Natural History Museum
Joseph Cornell (1903-1972)
December 23, 1973 – June 2, 1974

Visit a birthday exhibition - Cornell was born on Christmas Eve - of works rarely or never shown, including 4 collages, 1 silk-screen print, and 20 assemblage sculptures (or box constructions).

American Art Museum
Steinberg at the Smithsonian; The Metamorphoses of an Emblem
December 21, 1973 – February 24, 1974

Follow 36 drawings on Smithsonian stationary that illustrate how Saul Steinberg, artist-in-residence at the Institution in 1967, wittily contained, adapted, re-read, and reworked the Smithsonian symbol at the top of the pages of official stationery.

American Art Museum