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Man & Beast: The Washington Print Club 8th Biennial Members' Exhibition
September 18, 1980 – November 30, 1980

Enjoy 64 American and European works on paper, considered by club members to be the choicest in their private collections.

American Art Museum
Berlin Porcelain
September 12, 1980 – November 23, 1980

See 196 objects documenting the work of the State Porcelain Factory, KPM, founded in the 18th century, including pieces created for Frederick the Great in 1868 and Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1903.

Renwick Gallery
Chinese Puppets
September 5, 1980 – September 15, 1980

This Research in Natural History case complements the performance by Fujian Puppets of the People's Republic of China, presented by the Division of Performing Arts. 

Natural History Museum
Ancient Chinese Jade
September 4, 1980 – March 15, 1981

View more than 130 jade objects, dating from the third millennium B.C. through the 3rd century A.D.

Freer Gallery
September 2, 1980 – November 2, 1980

Explore more than 250 examples of prints, limited-edition books, graphics, animation, textiles, and 3-D pieces produced by artists and designers on office copy machines.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Art of the Arab World
September 1, 1980 – April 30, 1981

View ceramics, glass, and painting, that represent the cultural heritage of the Arabic peoples.

Freer Gallery
On the Beach
September 1, 1980 – April 30, 1981

This Research in Natural History case features the work of Dr. James Mead, particularly his research on beached whales and dolphins. 

Natural History Museum
Old Woman Meteorite
September 1, 1980 – September 15, 1980

See the second largest meteorite ever found in the United States, discovered in 1975 in the Old Woman Mountains in San Bernardino County, southern California.  

Natural History Museum
Romaine Brooks (1874-1970)
August 29, 1980 – April 12, 1981

Brooks, an expatriate who died in France at the age of 96, was known for her penetrating and unorthodox portraits executed in sober colors--black, white, and gray. See 18 of them in this exhibit.

American Art Museum
Mustard Pots from the Colman Collection
August 26, 1980 – October 19, 1980

Admire more than 150 silver mustard containers made by British silversmiths, ranging in date from 1724 to the present.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Beach, Boardwalk, Boulevard
August 26, 1980 – October 19, 1980

Enjoy about 100 framed color photographs and graphic panels, printed memorabilia and related artifacts such as a wicker boardwalk chair and bathing costume from the turn of the century.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Why Not a Woman (for President)?
August 22, 1980 – January 4, 1981

Meet Belva Ann Lockwood, the first woman candidate for President on the Equal Rights Party ticket in 1884, and the subject of a small exhibit.

Portrait Gallery
New York: The Artist's View
August 21, 1980 – January 4, 1981

See 32 paintings, 7 drawings, and 2 sculptures by 33 artists from the HMSG collection. They range from late 19th century to the present and vary in style from realism to abstract.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Recent Acquisitions (20th-Century Works)
August 16, 1980 – October 26, 1980

See 20th-century works by Alexander Brook, Joseph Cornell, Emilio Cruz, Morris Louis, Herman Maril, Reginald Marsh, Howard Mehring, Milton Resnick, and Mark Rothko.

American Art Museum
Painted Weavings by Lia Cook and Neda Alhilali
August 15, 1980 – March 1, 1981

Examine 14 contemporary works created from industrial materials which have been woven, pressed, hammered, or rolled, and then painted.

Renwick Gallery
An Interior Decorated: Joyce Kozloff
August 15, 1980 – March 1, 1981

Inspired by exotic and intricate motifs of Egyptian, Islamic and American Indian cultures, the New York artist transforms one of the Renwick's galleries into a striking array of color and pattern.

Renwick Gallery
Nakian: The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Collection
August 14, 1980 – January 4, 1981

The 83-year-old Armenian, Rueben Nakian, now residing in New York City, is a senior figure in the field of abstract contemporary sculpture. On view are 20 sculptures (two on the plaza) and 6 drawings. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Wallpaper from the Cooper-Hewitt Collection
August 12, 1980 – October 26, 1980

See some 150 Chinese, European, and American wallcoverings dating from the late17th to the early 20th centuries.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Newer Than New Glass, Part 2
August 8, 1980 – September 26, 1980

Admire and purchase glass pieces created by American craftsmen whose work is included in the current New Glass exhibition, featuring William Dexter, John D. Gilmor, Paul Neuman, Steven I. Weinberg, and Howard Ben Tre.

Renwick Gallery
Outdoor Wall Murals of the N'debele
August 1, 1980 – September 30, 1980

As part of an expanded exhibit, an inner court has been painted with geometric color murals in the style of the N'Debele villages of southeast Africa.

African Art Museum