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Mary Cassatt: Pastels and Color Prints
February 24, 1978 – April 20, 1978

The domestic life of women and children is the major theme of the 36 pastels and 16 color prints, dating from 1879 to 1914.

American Art Museum
The Frederick Douglass Years
February 12, 1978 – April 2, 1978

See 42 panels that trace the life and times of Frederick Douglass, the "Sage of Anacostia", as a slave, in the Abolitionist Movement, through the Civil War and Reconstruction, and as an elder statesman.

Anacostia Community Museum
Sales Exhibition: The Art of the Turned Bowl
February 1, 1978 – March 30, 1978

Admire and purchase turned bowls of various woods by 4 craftsmen selected by the Museum Store.

Renwick Gallery
Jimmy Doolittle
January 20, 1978 –

Learn about Jimmy Doolittle's career as pilot, engineer, and leader.

Air and Space Museum
Place, Product, Packaging
January 20, 1978 – March 19, 1978

View historical photographs, logos and designs for buildings showing enterprises that have employed an integrated design program in the promotion of a product, service, or experience.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Alice Pike Barney and Her Friends
January 20, 1978 – May 21, 1978

Visit 41 works by Alice Pike Barney and friends Aman-Jean, Romaine Brooks, Carolus-Duran, Albert Herter, Edwin Scott and Herman Webster as well as photographs of the era and pieces of furniture and jewelry; among the latter is a pendent designed by Romaine Brooks.

American Art Museum
Werner von Braun
January 1978 – Closed

View photographs, models, and awards received by von Braun, a replica of the tape recorder that returned to earth from Explorer III, and animation art from a 1950 Disney film in an exhibit marking the 20th anniversary of the launch of Explorer I.

Air and Space Museum
Mission to Japan
January 15, 1978 – December 31, 1978

See a recently acquired daguerrotype of Matthew Perry, a portrait by a Japanese artist, and 5 watercolors.

Portrait Gallery
Gregory Gillespie
December 22, 1977 – February 12, 1978

The first comprehensive museum exhibition of works by American artist Gregory Gillespie includes about 75 paintings and works in mixed-media created over the past 15 years.  

Hirshhorn Museum
The Decorative Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright
December 16, 1977 – July 30, 1978

Visit the first comprehensive survey of Wright's decorative designs, where the objects which he considered an integral part of his architecture are shown with interior and exterior photographs of the buildings.

Renwick Gallery
Kids as Architects
December 16, 1977 – August 13, 1978

Enjoy 13 imaginative drawings by elementary school students that represent their ideas for such projects as an "Energy House", a "Snug-a-Bug House", "Hideaway for Two", and "Kids Only Town".

Renwick Gallery
Subways: An Underground Exhibition
December 8, 1977 – February 28, 1978

See photographs, maps, graphics and text that examine subway station design and architecture; building and operating subways; using the subway; and urban activity on and under the surface.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Murals in the Round: Painted Tipis of the Kiowa and Kiowa-Apache Indians
December 2, 1977 – November 12, 1978

Imagine Kiowa and Kiowa-Apache life with 15 richly decorated deerskin model tipis created by Indian artists from 1891 to 1904 to document the tribes' full-sized homes.

Renwick Gallery
New Ways With Paper
December 2, 1977 – February 20, 1978

View about 60 objects, including works which use layered, bent, folded, torn, dyed, embossed, embedded or handmade paper. Many 3-dimensional works are included.

American Art Museum
Sales Exhibition: Grass
December 1, 1977 – January 27, 1978

Admire and purchase 18 styles of Lowcountry sweetgrass baskets that are on exhibit and for sale in the Renwick Museum gift shop.

Renwick Gallery
Selections from the Permanent Collection
December 1, 1977 – February 12, 1978

View a painted aluminum sculpture by Jules Olitski, 4 paintings by Larry Poons, and 8 oils and gouaches by Adolph Gottlieb. 

Hirshhorn Museum
William Harper: Recent Works in Enamel
November 24, 1977 – April 2, 1978

Admire 50 works--pins, rattles, pendants, puzzles, amulet and necklaces--by Harper, Assistant Professor of Art at Florida State University.

Renwick Gallery
To Celebrate the Moment
November 23, 1977 – January 8, 1978

Consider objects carefully designed to serve one occasion: stamps, stationery, birthday cakes, graduation robes, paper cups and plates, airline tickets, daily newspapers, etc.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
The Animal in Art
November 20, 1977 – October 31, 1978

See the work of local artists, involved in assisting with the three Sunday "Sketch-Ins" at the zoo.

National Zoo
The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nation's Millenium Assembly
November 19, 1977 – Permanent

This unique work of 20th century folk art was created by James Hampton, a GSA janitor, in a Northeast Washington garage from materials he gathered himself--old furniture, bottles, light bulbs, cardboard, etc.

American Art Museum