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A New England Town: A Portrait by Alice Stallknecht
October 15, 1977 – November 27, 1977

View 3 murals, the result of 14 years' work by Alice Stallknecht (1880-1973), who painted her friends and neighbors in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Portrait Gallery
Instrument of the Lord (Harriet Beecher Stowe and her Great Novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin)
October 7, 1977 – September 17, 1978

Visit an in-depth study of the Civil War novelists and her greatest work, Uncle Tom's Cabin, including portraits, documents, the first American edition, artist's proofs and gifts to Stowe.

Portrait Gallery
Raphael Soyer: Drawings and Watercolors
September 30, 1977 – November 27, 1977

New York City life and people from the 1920s to the present are the subject of 58 figure studies and portraits by Soyer, now 77 years old.

American Art Museum
Birds and Flowers of the Four Seasons in Japanese Art
September 15, 1977 – March 30, 1978

Examine the major themes of Japanese art in 60 objects from the collections: paintings, screens, lacquerware, ceramics and metalwork.

Freer Gallery
We Were But a Handful
August 26, 1977 – May 26, 1978

Pay tribute to the early suffragettes who brought about the ratification of the 19th Amendment on August 26, 1920 in this anniversary exhibit.

Portrait Gallery
August 5, 1977 – February 20, 1978

See about 550 items that show how natural grasses have been used to make functional and decorative objects throughout the world.

Renwick Gallery
Arthur Wesley Dow (1857-1922)
July 29, 1977 – January 8, 1978

Focus on Dow as a painter and printmaker rather than on his better-known role as an art educator in this retrospective exhibition of 55 works--drawings, prints, watercolors, oils, and photographs.

American Art Museum
Summer Sculpture '77: Jules Olitski
July 20, 1977 – October 2, 1977

Visit HMSG's first outdoor loan exhibition of contemporary sculpture, consisting of 6 large works employing curved or corrugated sheets of oiled steel in horizontal or vertical layers, extending as much as 10 feet in height or width. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Wrought Iron: Rendering from the Index of American Design
July 14, 1977 – October 24, 1977

See 16 watercolors of utilitarian wrought iron objects from the Index of American Design. The Index, a 1930s Federal project, is a collection of realistically executed drawings and watercolors of crafts and folk arts.

Renwick Gallery
Palaces for the People
July 12, 1977 – September 18, 1977

Capture the qualities of flamboyance, fantastic spaces and extraordinary use of materials used in American resort and motel architecture through photographs, drawings, postcards, slides and models.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Roots and Visions (Raices y Visiones)
July 9, 1977 – October 2, 1977

See 48 paintings, prints and sculptures that are works of artists of American hispanic communities--Chicano, Puerto Rican, Latino and Hispano--and concentrate on themes from the artists' Latin American backgrounds.

American Art Museum
Andy Warhol by Jamie Wyeth
July 1, 1977 – November 20, 1977

See a recent gift to the Gallery, a gouache painting of Andy Warhol by Jamie Wyeth.

Portrait Gallery
22 Polish Textile Artists
June 24, 1977 – September 5, 1977

See 30 works illustrating textile trends in Poland between 1960 and 1976.

Renwick Gallery
The Photography of Leland Rice
June 16, 1977 – September 5, 1977

See the first exhibit of exclusively photographic works at HMSG, consisting of 35 photographs, in black and white and color.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Kin and Communities
June 14, 1977 – July 27, 1977

In conjunction with a SI symposium, view family-related paintings and sculptures selected from the HMSG collection.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Civil War Artists
June 13, 1977 – September 5, 1977

Witness 30 illustrations of battle areas, camp sites and forts by Conrad Wise Chapman and Winslow Homer.

Portrait Gallery
Iron, Solid Wrought/USA
June 10, 1977 – October 24, 1977

Follow the blacksmith as an artist and craftsman from 1776 to 1976 through about 100 objects, including a butcher's block, toaster, spinning wheel, fireplace screen, weathervane, miner's candlestick, bicycle and Conestoga wagon jack.

Renwick Gallery
Recent Works in Metal by Albert Paley
June 10, 1977 – October 24, 1977

View gold and silver jewelry and 10 iron objects created in the past two years by Paley, considered to be one of this country's leading metalsmiths.

Renwick Gallery
June 7, 1977 – October 5, 1977

See 16 large wooden models, constructed in Italy, of villas and churches designed by Andrea Palladio (1508-1580).

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
200 Years of American Architectural Drawing
June 7, 1977 – July 17, 1977

Focus on architectural drawings for their aesthetic value in this exhibition of 200 drawings by more than 80 architects.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum