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Benjamin West and His American Students
October 16, 1980 – January 4, 1981

View approximately 110 paintings in an exhibition that focuses on West's influence on 3 generations of American artists.

Portrait Gallery
Andre Masson: Prints from the Museum Collection
October 16, 1980 – February 22, 1981

View 34 works by the surrealist French artist, born in 1896. Included are etchings, lithographs, and drypoints from the HMSG Collection, primarily from the 1950s. 

Hirshhorn Museum
The Coral Reef: Researching a Living System
October 15, 1980 – October 3, 1999

Both an exhibit and a working research facility, the coral reef exhibit enables visitors to watch the behavior of hundreds of living sea plants and animals in a complex natural community. 

Natural History Museum
Screens of the Rimpa School
October 10, 1980 – January 15, 1982

See 6 screens that typify the elegant and decorative painting of the 17th- and 18th-century Rimpa school of Japan.

Freer Gallery
Postage Stamp: Chilkat Indian Mask
October 3, 1980 – April 30, 1981

Displayed is a Chilkat Tlingit Indian mask from Smithsonian collections, which is featured in a new set of stamps in the American Folk Art series. 

Natural History Museum
Webfoots and Bunchgrassers: Folk Art of the Oregon Country
October 3, 1980 – February 1, 1981

See 209 objects that reflect Oregon's ethnic diversity and ranching traditions.

Renwick Gallery
Contemporary Crafts from Oregon
October 2, 1980 – November 9, 1980

Admire and purchase articles of glass, wood, ceramics, textiles, paper, and wood created by members of the Contemporary Crafts Association, Portland.

Renwick Gallery
Submarine "Alvin"
October 1, 1980 – January 1, 1991

See a 3/4-scale model of "Alvin," a 25-foot long, 3-man submarine capable of exploring and collecting specimens to depths of 12,000 feet. 

Natural History Museum
New in the Naturalist Center
October 1, 1980 – March 2, 1996

On loan indefinitely from the Audubon Naturalist Society are eleven cases displaying 180 species of birds from eastern North America. 

Natural History Museum
Year of the Coast
October 1, 1980 – April 1, 1996

See specimens from the nearby seashore. Various coastal features and life forms are highlighted.  

Natural History Museum
Official Photographs: Portraits of the Carter Administration
October 1, 1980 – November 30, 1980

See 24 photographic portraits of both former and current members of the Carter Administration.

Portrait Gallery
The Image of the Black in Western Art
September 27, 1980 – November 2, 1980

See a representative selection of reproductions of art and artifacts from Egypt, Nubia, the Greco-Roman world, Byzantium, and medieval Western Europe in 100 framed photographs.

African Art Museum
Native Flora of Louisiana
September 27, 1980 – November 23, 1980

See approximately 50 watercolors of Louisiana plants executed by Margaret Stones, a British botanical artist, for Louisiana State University.  

Natural History Museum
Cycles of Sustenance
September 26, 1980 – December 31, 1980

View 69 color photographs from the World Bank, illustrating traditional agricultural practices and World Bank programs to improve productivity in Latin America, Malaysia, India, Africa, and the Middle East.  

Natural History Museum
Edwin Dickinson: Selected Landscapes
September 18, 1980 – December 14, 1980

The 56 oil paintings of New England and French scenes, with broad, atmospheric areas of color and form, span the career (1891-1978) of the American artist, known for poetic interpretations of nature.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Man & Beast: The Washington Print Club 8th Biennial Members' Exhibition
September 18, 1980 – November 30, 1980

Enjoy 64 American and European works on paper, considered by club members to be the choicest in their private collections.

American Art Museum
Berlin Porcelain
September 12, 1980 – November 23, 1980

See 196 objects documenting the work of the State Porcelain Factory, KPM, founded in the 18th century, including pieces created for Frederick the Great in 1868 and Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1903.

Renwick Gallery
Chinese Puppets
September 5, 1980 – September 15, 1980

This Research in Natural History case complements the performance by Fujian Puppets of the People's Republic of China, presented by the Division of Performing Arts. 

Natural History Museum
Ancient Chinese Jade
September 4, 1980 – March 15, 1981

View more than 130 jade objects, dating from the third millennium B.C. through the 3rd century A.D.

Freer Gallery
September 2, 1980 – November 2, 1980

Explore more than 250 examples of prints, limited-edition books, graphics, animation, textiles, and 3-D pieces produced by artists and designers on office copy machines.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum