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Behind the Scenes at the National Collection of Fine Arts
April 16, 1976 – September 6, 1976

Understand the variety and scope of the museum's operations, using the Bicentennial exhibition America as Art as a focus.

American Art Museum
Abroad in America: Visitors to the New Nation, 1776-1914
April 9, 1976 – January 30, 1977

Visit the third and final installation of a 3-part Bicentennial exhibition, featuring visitors who were important in taking their views of America to a wide foreign audience.

Portrait Gallery
Signs of Life: Symbols in the American City
February 26, 1976 – October 31, 1976

Examine the symbols and signs in the domestic, commercial and civic sectors of our culture, discussing their origins and evolutions over the last 200 years and suggesting their greater meaning as cultural artifacts.

Renwick Gallery
George Miller and American Lithography
February 13, 1976 – April 11, 1976

Salute the printer who did much to further the development of artist-lithographers in the U.S. after World War I.

American Art Museum
The Call: The Founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
February 12, 1976 – May 23, 1976

Follow the circumstances leading to the founding of the NAACP in 1909 and its first years in a small exhibit made up of manuscript pieces, pamphlets, portraits and photographs.

Portrait Gallery
Black Women: Achievement Against the Odds
February 8, 1976 – January 2, 1977

Examine the role, contribution, and achievement of black women in American history since colonial times.

Anacostia Community Museum
The Federal City: Plans & Realities
February 1, 1976 – August 30, 1987

Explore the planning history of the City of Washington in photographs, prints, paintings and 3-dimensional models.

Smithsonian Castle
...and there was light: Studies by Abraham Rattner for the stained-glass window, Chicago Loop Synagogue
January 23, 1976 – March 28, 1976

Trace the development of the monumental 30-foot-high, 40-foot-wide window for the sanctuary of the synagogue through 52 works--ranging from preliminary sketches to large-scale, full-color studies.

American Art Museum
Emanuel Leutze, 1816-1868: Freedom is the Only King
January 16, 1976 – March 14, 1976

See the first major Leutze exhibition held in this country, including 42 oils and drawings. Born a German, but raised as an American, his allegiance to the cause of freedom was constant and undivided.

American Art Museum
A Nation of Nations
1976 – April 30, 1991

Through more than 5,000 original objects, this exhibition documents the diversity of people who have come to America over the centuries and affirms that America is linked to other nations by an intricate web of cultural ties.

American History Museum
Bust of Henry Wallace
January 1, 1976 – February 3, 1976

View a recently presented bust of Henry Wallace marking the 35th anniversary of his inauguration as Vice President.

Portrait Gallery
Is This Portrait Thomas Sully?
December 22, 1975 – June 6, 1976

See Sully memorabilia - palette, brush box, easel, mannequin, portraits, price list and other documents included in a small exhibit which examines whether a portrait of Sully is a self-portrait.

Portrait Gallery
Bob Thompson: 1937-1966
December 19, 1975 – February 22, 1976

View 22 oils and 5 works on paper by the black artist who achieved limited recognition during his lifetime, although his paintings are to be found in important American collections.

American Art Museum
The Arts of Asia at the Time of American Independence
December 15, 1975 – October 31, 1976

View about 90 objects from China, Japan, India and the Near East that offer the visitor a contrast in modes of expression to those of the New World.

Freer Gallery
Peggy Bacon: Personalities and Places
December 5, 1975 – February 8, 1976

The artist, now 80, exhibits regularly, but this is the most comprehensive exhibition of her work every held -- 131 pastels, prints, drawings, paintings and embroideries.

American Art Museum
Portrait of Golda Meir
December 1, 1975 – January 4, 1976

See a recently acquired portrait of Golda Meir.

Portrait Gallery
19th-Century American Landscape Paintings
November 1975 – January 5, 1976

See18 paintings on loan from the Corcoran Gallery of Art, including 6 from the private collection of banker-philanthropist William Wilson Corcoran, the original benefactor of the Corcoran Gallery.

Smithsonian Castle
Portraits from The Americans: The Democratic Experience
November 14, 1975 – September 6, 1976

Visit an exhibition, based on Daniel J. Boorstin's Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name, that will present the forward-thinking men and women who revolutionized America in the decades following the Civil War.

Portrait Gallery
Christmas Seal Paintings 1975
November 14, 1975 – January 4, 1976

Visit 54 holiday scenes by elementary school children from which the 1975 Christmas seals were selected.

American Art Museum
Bicentennial Bust of George Washington
November 5, 1975 – December 31, 1975

See a Bicentennial gift to the United States from the world-reknowned English firm of Wedgewood.

Portrait Gallery