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Chinese Paintings from the Ming Dynasty
December 1, 1978 – June 10, 1979

View 17 examples of Chinese paintings from the period 1368-1644.

Freer Gallery
American Color Woodcuts: The Years of Transition
November 23, 1978 – February 25, 1979

View 65 works that survey the transformation of the color relief print in the U.S. Included is a Provincetown artists' froup of 1916-1920, which developed a method for printing multi-colors from a single block. 

American Art Museum
Vienna Moderne: An Exhibition of the Arts of the Vienna Workshops
November 21, 1978 – February 4, 1979

Visit all types of decorative arts, paintings, graphics and architectural drawings, created by the "Vienna Secession", members of the Austrian turn-of-the-century art nouveau movement who questioned the validity of ornamentation.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Baskets and Cylinders: Recent Glass by Dale Chihuly
November 17, 1978 – June 3, 1979

See 56 designs inspired by American Indian containers or highlighted by thin linear patterns in subtle color variations.

Renwick Gallery
Japanese Wood Block Prints: Images of the Floating World
November 13, 1978 – April 1, 1979

View 30 prints of the Edo Period (1615-1868), including The 36 Views of Mt. Fuji by Hokusai.

Freer Gallery
Japanese Painting from the Ukiyo-e School
November 13, 1978 – April 1, 1979

View 7 paintings of the Edo Period, including the work of Chikuden, Ikeno Taiga and Hoitsu, as well as 35 ceramics.

Freer Gallery
William Penhallow Henderson, 1877-1943: An Artist of Santa Fe
November 10, 1978 – June 10, 1979

Pastels predominate this exhibition of 40 works, many of which depict religious scenes and Indian ceremonials in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

American Art Museum
Louis M. Eilshemius: Selections from the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
November 9, 1978 – January 1, 1979

See 58 paintings and 27 drawings and watercolors from HMSG's collection of 250 Eilshemius works. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Sales Exhibition: Christmas for Men
November 3, 1978 – December 30, 1978

Admire and purchase handcrafted objects from across the U.S. including leather briefcases and boxes, weathervanes, kaftans, pottery casseroles and bowls, walking sticks, umbrella stands, sweaters, deco boxes, backpacks, leather vests, cuff links and belt buckles.

Renwick Gallery
Alan Sonfist/Trees
October 27, 1978 – January 7, 1979

Examine the tree as a source for art, revelation and person fantasy through 30 works, combining photographs with canvas, charcoal, seeds, twigs and leaves.

American Art Museum
The Question Mark and the Growth of Aerial Refueling
October 16, 1978 – March 31, 1979

See a model of the Question Mark, the Fokker C-2 aircraft that set an unofficial endurance record for refueled airplane flight in January 1929 (almost 151 hours).

Air and Space Museum
The Brush of the Masters: Drawings from Iran and India
October 16, 1978 – April 30, 1979

View 82 drawings, executed between 1400 and 1800, by master artists of imperial courts.

Freer Gallery
Perceptions and Evocations: The Art of Elihu Vedder
October 13, 1978 – February 4, 1979

Visit a major exhibition of 350 works that presents a reevaluation of the landscapes, religious paintings, decorative arts and murals of Vedder (1836-1923).

American Art Museum
Saul Steinberg
October 4, 1978 – November 26, 1978

Visit a major retrospective which includes 178 drawings, watercolors, collages, masks and tables, dating from 1945 to the present. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Ornament in the Twentieth Century
October 3, 1978 – January 7, 1979

See ornaments for the human body, objects of daily use, posters, packaging material, corporate logos and designer initials, and ornamental aspects of garden and plaza design.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Seals Seals
October 1, 1978 – November 30, 2009

Visit with gray seals and California sea lions.

National Zoo
Mexican Masks
September 29, 1978 – May 20, 1979

View 75 contemporary examples of masks, an intimate part of festive and religious life in Mexico.

Renwick Gallery
The Harmonious Craft: American Musical Instruments
September 29, 1978 – August 5, 1979

See more than 100 handcrafted instruments including the traditional (violins, bagpipes, lutes, guitars and clavicords) as well as the unusual--ceramic drums and a cow's jawbone with electronic parts.

Renwick Gallery
Clay Figures from Guerrero
September 29, 1978 – February 19, 1979

See 45 clay works that are shaped like animals and people; all, following tradition, have been molded by the women and then decorated by the men of San Augustin Oapan.

Renwick Gallery
Facing the Light: Historic American Portrait Daguerreotypes
September 22, 1978 – February 4, 1979

See a major exhibit of daguerrotype portraits of 100 notable Americans drawn from gallery collections and on loan.

Portrait Gallery