Due to weather conditions, the National Museum of the American Indian in New York, N.Y., will be closed January 27.

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How Fleeting Is Fame
February 6, 1981 – August 23, 1981

Visit with some 19th-century lithographic portraits of celebrities of the period whose fame did not withstand the test of time.

Portrait Gallery
February 3, 1981 – April 12, 1981

See about 500 matchsafes in a myriad of styles and in a range of materials, a necessity after the invention of the friction match in the 1820s.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Japanese Genre Screens
February 1, 1981 – June 30, 1982

Follow the daily lives of the Japanese people of the 17th- to mid-19th centuries through 6 pairs of screens on display.

Freer Gallery
Special Aircraft Exhibit: Corsair, Curtiss, Boeing, Grumman, and Excalibur
February 1, 1981 – April 1998

Visit a changing exhibition of aircraft, many of them recently restored at the Garber Facility at Silver Hill, Maryland.

Air and Space Museum
Anna J. Cooper: A Voice from the South
February 1, 1981 – September 30, 1982

Examine the life and times of Anna Julia Haywood Cooper, Washington, D.C. black educator.

Anacostia Community Museum
Elizabeth Gwillim, 1763-1807: Artist and Naturalist
January 31, 1981 – March 29, 1981

See 60 paintings of Indian birds by British naturalist/artist Lady Elizabeth Gwillim (1763-1807) on loan from the collections of the Civic Center of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. 

Natural History Museum
Green River Shale Fossils
January 31, 1981 – March 30, 1996

View fossils recently acquired from a German collector, H.J. Kirby Siber, originally found in northwestern Colorado. 

Natural History Museum
Photographs: Selections from the Permanent Collection
January 31, 1981 – April 19, 1981

Appreciate the likenesses on view of John Steinbeck, Sherwood Anderson, Grandma Moses, and an 1865 series of four Union generals.

Portrait Gallery
East and West: Paintings/Poems by Sheila Isham
January 30, 1981 – April 5, 1981

See 20 works on paper and two acrylics on canvas executed following the Washington-area artist's study of traditional Chinese calligraphy and it's associated poetry in Hong Kong and Japan.

American Art Museum
Ephemeral Images: Recent American Posters
January 27, 1981 – March 29, 1981

View a selection of 50 to 75 posters that show the diverse ways in which American designers emphasize and enhance a product or attract an audience.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Bret Harte
January 22, 1981 – July 12, 1981

Visit portraits of Harte, the humorous chronicler of California's goldmining camps, and of his literary contemporaries, as well as poems, drawings, and first-edition books.

Portrait Gallery
Diplomats in Buckskins: Indian Delegations to Washington, D.C., 1863-1976
January 20, 1981 – July 15, 1981

See 12 large black-and-white photographs of Indians who visited Washington for political and treaty activities during the latter half of the 19th century and early 20th century. 

Natural History Museum
Jacques Lipchitz from the Collection
January 15, 1981 – April 19, 1981

See 14 sculptures and 3 works on paper by the painter- sculptor, whose works range from abstract to surrealistic.

Hirshhorn Museum
A Feast of Color: Corpus Christi Dance Costumes from Ecuador
January 9, 1981 – July 12, 1981

Delight in 4 complete fiesta costumes of cotton decorated with beads, ribbon, and foil, as well as individual pieces used during Corpus Christi festivities.

Renwick Gallery
New Hampshire Crafts
January 8, 1981 – March 30, 1981

Admire and purchase appliqued wall hangings, wool coverlets, pewter salad sets, silk scarves and mufflers, sterling silver and gold jewelry, and utilitarian and sculptural pottery, from the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.

Renwick Gallery
St. Dunstan Statue
January 1, 1981 – Permanent

A statue of statesman and reformer St. Dunstan (c. 910-988) peeks through the trees in the Haupt Garden.

Smithsonian Castle
Coastal Archeology
December 31, 1980 – January 31, 1981

See tools and other artifacts of the Maritime Archaic Indian cultures of the Labrador Coast.   

Natural History Museum
Treasures of Ancient Nigeria: Legacy of 2,000 Years
December 18, 1980 – February 1, 1981

See approximately 100 objects that comprise the first comprehensive exhibition of Nigerian art in the U.S.

African Art Museum
Traditional Art of Angola and Cameroon
December 18, 1980 – May 31, 1981

View selections from the permanent collection.

African Art Museum
The Code Duello in America
December 18, 1980 – April 19, 1981

Explore the controversial practice of resolving personal disputes between gentlemen by dueling in this exhibit.

Portrait Gallery