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Japanese Portraiture
July 2, 1983 – April 1, 1984

Visit a selection of 18 portraits and imaginary portraits by Japanese painters of the 13th to 19th centuries.

Freer Gallery
Japanese Porcelain
July 2, 1983 – March 11, 1984

See 33 examples of white ceramics, reserved for summer use, that were produced at Arita, Japan's great porcelain center from the 17th through the 19th century.

Freer Gallery
The Art of Louis Paul Jonas
July 2, 1983 – August 28, 1983

View 75 wildlife miniatures by Jonas (1894-1971), who was one of the nation's foremost animal sculptors and taxidermists. 

Natural History Museum
Charles Bremner Hogg Jackson
June 24, 1983 – September 12, 1983

Visit highlights from the diverse and numerous objects in the estate of C. Bremner Hogg Jackson, a leading collector.  

American History Museum
Our Nation's Heritage
June 23, 1983 – September 5, 1983

The 1983 recipients of National Heritage Fellowships include 9 musicians and 7 master craftspeople. 

American History Museum
Colorful Kite Tales
June 21, 1983 – September 19, 1983

See photographs and drawings that illustrate 15 kite stories.

Air and Space Museum
The Fat and the Lean: American Wood Type of the 19th Century
June 17, 1983 – March 31, 1986

View a pictorial history of the evolution of type from old style "lean" letters to a proliferation of "fat" and specialized letters known as "artistic printing." 

American History Museum
Friedel Dzubas
June 16, 1983 – August 14, 1983

The first complete Dzubas retrospective comprises 45 works, including his early "calligraphic" work of 1949; all-black canvases; and bold monumental color abstractions of recent years.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Americans in Brittany and Normandy: 1860-1910
June 10, 1983 – August 14, 1983

Understand the "plein air" style of painting the beaches and countryside through 118 paintings that focus on Americans who were attracted to the art colonies at Pont Aven and Giverny.

American Art Museum
June 9, 1983 – October 1, 1997

Visit a gallery that demonstrates what we have learned about radiant energy from the sun and other stars through the use of space astronomy satellites.

Air and Space Museum
"Mr. Sully, Portrait Painter": Works of Thomas Sully (1783-1872)
June 3, 1983 – September 5, 1983

Visit a major exhibition that includes 81 paintings and drawings representative of the major phases of Sully's seven decades as a working artist: a sampling of his early miniatures; masterpieces of his maturity; and paintings after photographs done at the close of his career.

Portrait Gallery
The Courtyard of El Haram, the Great Mosque of Mecca
June 2, 1983 – August 9, 1983

Walk through an audiovisual unit representing the courtyard of the Great Mosque, with animated figures and recorded narration that demonstrate and explain Muslim religious practices from dawn to dusk.

Natural History Museum
Heritage of Islam (Muslim Treasures)
June 2, 1983 – September 5, 1983

Celebrate the 14th centennial of Islam, its history and its legacy to the Western world through 250 objects assembled from museums and private collections of 25 countries.

Natural History Museum
Silk Screen Mandalas by Kamal Boullata
June 2, 1983 – September 5, 1983

View 12 contemporary artworks in the Islamic visual tradition. The artist, Kamal Boullata, uses geometric patterns created by the repetition of certain words to re-create Arabic mandalas (ideograms). 

Natural History Museum
African Art in Color
May 18, 1983 – October 16, 1983

See 67 objects that explore polychromy in traditional African art.

African Art Museum
From the Earth: African Ceramic Art
May 18, 1983 – October 9, 1983

View 84 objects made from clay, representing the ceramic art styles of 28 cultures from 19 African nations.

African Art Museum
Joseph Stella: The HMSG Collection
May 12, 1983 – July 17, 1983

Trace the full range of Stella's stylistic evolution through 34 works, from his early realistic manner through the colorful dynamic Futurism for which he is best known to his late symbolism.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Urban Documents: 20th-Century American Prints
May 10, 1983 – September 4, 1983

See 75 architectural prints by 35 artists that represent a range of perception and scope.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
The Silk Route and the Diamond Path (Buddhist Art)
May 6, 1983 – June 30, 1983

Buddhist bronze, stone, and terra cotta sculptures; paintings; and ritual objects dating from the 7th century to the present comprise this exhibition of over 130 rare works. 

Natural History Museum
American Artists and their Craft
May 6, 1983 – October 30, 1983

Admire a changing exhibition of the work of American artists and craftmen.

Renwick Gallery