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A Touch of the Poet: Portraits from the Permanent Collection
December 1, 1976 – December 31, 1976

Take a self-guided tour of portraits of American poets, including W.H.Auden, Stephen Vincent Benet, Robert Frost, e.e. cummings, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Marianne Moore.

Portrait Gallery
The Art of Poetry: 1950-1975
November 19, 1976 – January 23, 1977

Visit 53 paintings and graphics presenting a select range of works by American artists based on specific poems, American and foreign.

American Art Museum
Jacob Kainen: Prints, A Retrospective
November 19, 1976 – January 23, 1977

See about 70 works of the Washington painter, ranging from representational to non-objective in style, and created in several processes--woodcut, intaglio, and black and white and color lithography.

American Art Museum
Shinto Art
November 11, 1976 – November 1, 1976

See a variety of Japanese religious objects dating from the Tumulus Period (3rd-6th century) to the Edo Period (18th century).

Freer Gallery
A Connoisseur's Vision: Selections from Charles Lang Freer's American Art Collection
November 10, 1976 – September 30, 1977

Enjoy Freer's distinctive taste as show in his choice of paintings, watercolors, pastels and etchings by turn-of-the-century artists.

Freer Gallery
Robert Rauschenberg
October 30, 1976 – January 2, 1977

Witness the variety of the artist's achievements in combine paintings, sculpture, assemblages, drawings, prints, posters, photographs and multiples. About 150 works from the 1940s to the present are included, some well-known and some never before shown publicly.

American Art Museum
Americas: The Decorative Arts in Latin America in the Era of the Revolution
October 19, 1976 – April 3, 1977

Consider the richness of design, crafts and decorative arts of the other countries of the Americas during the late 18th century (the time of our Revolution).

Renwick Gallery
The American Presidency in Political Cartoons
October 15, 1976 – November 28, 1976

Enjoy more than 100 cartoons, which provide a visual and narrative commentary on the Presidency from Washington to Ford.

Portrait Gallery
Man Transforms: Aspects of Design
October 7, 1976 – February 6, 1977

Enjoy fresh insight into the causes and effects of design in this inaugural exhibition created by an international team of artists, architects and designers.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Washington Print Club: Members Show
September 23, 1976 – November 14, 1976

Celebrate the Bicentennial year with works by American artists, selected for display from the private collections of members.

American Art Museum
Thomas Hart Benton
September 12, 1976 – November 28, 1976

See the recent acquisition Self-Portrait with Rita, painted in 1922 after Benton's marriage.

Portrait Gallery
The Coming of Age of American Music
August 20, 1976 – October 3, 1976

See portraits and memorabilia that document the emergence of 3 20th century composers--Aaron Copeland, George Gershwin and Charles Ives.

Portrait Gallery
A Knot of Dreamers: The Brook Farm Community, 1841-1847
August 6, 1976 – September 19, 1976

Examine the 19th-century agrarian-related idealistic community of Massachusetts through paintings, portraits, furnishings and memorabilia.

Portrait Gallery
The Spirit of Fact: The Daguerrotypes of Southworth and Hawes (1843-1861)
July 22, 1976 – December 19, 1976

View more than 100 daguerrotypes from the nation's most prestigious photographic portrait studio of the mid-19th century.

Portrait Gallery
Wedgwood Portraits and the American Revolution
July 13, 1976 – October 31, 1976

See about 50 Wedgwood portraits in ceramics of important figures of the Revolutionary War period.

Portrait Gallery
Air Traffic Control
July 4, 1976 – April 3, 1977

Tour early and current methods of air-traffic control in all weather conditions.

Air and Space Museum
U.S.S. Starship Enterprise Model U.S.S. Starship Enterprise Model
1976 – September 10, 2014

This model of the starship Enterprise was used in the filming of the Star Trek TV show, which ran from 1966 to 1969.

Air and Space Museum
World War I Aviation
July 1, 1976 – 1987

Explore the technological advances of WWI aviation set against a background of a front-line, allied airstrip somewhere in France in 1918.

Air and Space Museum
Space Hall
July 1, 1976 – May 15, 1997

See space boosters, guided missiles, and manned spacecraft in this gallery.

Air and Space Museum
Flight Technology
July 1, 1976 – 1988

Learn how and why airplanes fly in this gallery designed for children.

Air and Space Museum