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Paul Gauguin's Cylinder Decorated With Figure of Hina & 2 Attendants
May 7, 1981 – June 30, 1981

This prized wooden sculpture by the modern French master was recently purchased by the museum. Measuring just over one foot in height, the carved cylindrical log of tamanu wood depicts Hina, the Polynesian moon goddess, and two worshipers. 

Hirshhorn Museum
High School Graphics VII
May 3, 1981 – August 9, 1981

Enjoy the creativity of Washington area public, private and parochial school students who have created 156 prints for NMAA's "Discover Graphics" program.

American Art Museum
Barbara Hepworth: The Hirshhorn Museum Collection
May 1, 1981 – July 19, 1981

Take in a special installation of 13 sculptures and one drawing by the British artist (1903-1975), a contemporary and colleague of Henry Moore. 

Hirshhorn Museum
In Their Own Way
May 1, 1981 – October 4, 1981

Reflect on 14 paintings, 4 sculptures, and 1 watercolor made by a diverse group of 19th- and 20th-century American artists, each of whom show a marked independence from the traditional.

American Art Museum
The Grand Beehive Exhibition
April 24, 1981 – November 8, 1981

Enjoy approximately 100 objects that are diverse expressions of Utah's state symbol, the beehive, which was first adopted by the Mormon settlers of Utah,

Renwick Gallery
David Anderson Gift
April 15, 1981 – May 30, 1981

Included among approximately 40 paintings, sculptures, and mixed media objects are works by Sam Francis, Alma Thomas, and Antonia Tapies. Anderson of Buffalo, N.Y., recently presented his collection of contemporary art as a gift to the HMSG. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Reflections on a Fossil Lake (Fossils from Colorado)
April 15, 1981 – August 22, 1982

See fossils originally found in northwestern Colorado, including specimens of flowers, bird feathers, fish, and other organisms that lived in the region 40 to 50 million years ago.


Natural History Museum
Jefferson and Science
April 13, 1981 – July 5, 1981

On view are materials relating to Jefferson's scientific research, inventions, and samples from his study collections such as fossils and Indian artifacts.

American History Museum
German Stage Design of the Nineteenth Century
April 7, 1981 – June 7, 1981

Visit 80 designs for sets and costumes for major theater and opera productions in Germany during the 19th century, selected from the German Theater Museum, Munich.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Pressed on Paper: Fish Rubbings and Nature Prints
April 4, 1981 – May 31, 1981

See approximately 40 plant, fish, and marine animal rubbings made by an ancient Japanese technique, Gyotaku. 

Natural History Museum
American Porcelain Artists
April 3, 1981 – June 14, 1981

Admire and purchase place settings, bowls, vases, and vessels as well as ornamental and structural sculptures created by 11 of the artists whose work is included in the current Renwick exhibition, American Porcelain: New Expressions in an Ancient Art.

Renwick Gallery
Black Baseball: Life in the Negro Leagues
April 1, 1981 – May 13, 1981

American History Museum
Robert Natkin: Prints and Painted Prints
March 19, 1981 – June 14, 1981

See 26 color lithographs that reflect the American artist's previous explorations in non-representational painting.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Traditional Costumes and Jewelry of Egypt
March 16, 1981 – May 3, 1981

View embroidered dresses, cloaks, veils, belts, footwear, necklaces, bracelets and other items from all sections of Egypt, including the eastern desert, the Sinai, Nubia and oases of the south.

African Art Museum
Ancient Egyptian Art
March 16, 1981 – September 7, 1981

View Egyptian glass vessels dating from the 15th to 10th centuries B.C. as well as a famous sculpture of a king wearing the White Crown of Upper Egypt (c. 2525 B.C.)

Freer Gallery
Arts of Ancient Egypt: Treasures in Another Scale
March 16, 1981 – April 26, 1981

See 50 small-scale antiquities dating from the pre-dynastic period through the age of the Ptolemies, on loan from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Smithsonian Castle
Mahmoud Moukhtar: 1891-1934
March 16, 1981 – April 26, 1981

Visit several pieces by Mahmoud Moukhtar (1891-1934), on loan from the Moukhtar Museum of Cairo. He is considered to be the first modern Egyptian sculptor.  

Hirshhorn Museum
Egypt Today: Embroidered Pictures from Akhmim
March 14, 1981 – August 23, 1981

View 24 works created by contemporary craftsmen at Akhmim, a city which has flourished as a weaving center from some 4,000 years.

Renwick Gallery
Scenes of Contemporary Egypt
March 13, 1981 – July 30, 1981

Ancient monuments as well as contemporary Egyptians and their activities are the subjects of approximately 50 color photographs by Donald and Betty Wiechec.  

Natural History Museum
The Animal Image: Contemporary Objects and the Beast
March 13, 1981 – August 30, 1981

View both literal and fanciful representations of animals included in the 114 sculptural and functional objects on view by contemporary American artists and craftsmen.

Renwick Gallery