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Immovable Objects: Suburbs
November 10, 1981 – January 24, 1982

View original drawings, building and site plans, brochures and promotional literature, models, and photographs relating to suburbs.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Portraits by George Bellows
November 4, 1981 – January 3, 1982

View 14 portraits by the distinguished American artist in the first exhibit to focus on his portraiture.

Portrait Gallery
Ibero-American Art: Selections from the Hirshhorn Museum Collection
November 1, 1981 – November 15, 1981

See 26 paintings, sculptures, and drawings by various Spanish, Mexican, South American, and Portuguese artists of the 20th century. The exhibition honors the millennium of the Castillian language and the fusion of Iberian cultures.  

Hirshhorn Museum
The Accomplishments of Age
November 1, 1981 – January 4, 1982

Encounter 14 personalities who, in their seventies or older, made significant contributions to the life of the nation and are the subjects of a tribute in conjunction with the 1981 White House Conference on Aging.

Portrait Gallery
Space Shuttle Art
November 1, 1981 – January 3, 1982

See 28 works of art documenting the development of the Space Shuttle project, commissioned by NASA to record key events in the U.S. space program.

Air and Space Museum
More Than Land Or Sky: Art from Appalachia
October 30, 1981 – January 3, 1982

View an exhibition presenting the fine arts of the Appalachian region are 105 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and mixed media works by 69 artists.

American Art Museum
Perkins Harnly: From the Index of American Design
October 16, 1981 – February 15, 1982

Discover 29 watercolors of domestic, industrial, and commercial Victorian and early 20th-century interiors executed during the 1930s and 1940s. Most were created for the WPA Federal Art Project's Index of American Design (now in permanent collection of NGA).

American Art Museum
Autumn's Voices
October 15, 1981 – December 13, 1981

View 21 works of Japanese art--paintings, a piece of calligraphy, ceramics and 2 wooden drums--dating from the early 13th to the early 19th centuries, that show a variety of interpretations of autumnal motifs in Japanese art.

Freer Gallery
Nikola Tesla, Inventor and Electrical Engineer
October 15, 1981 – January 31, 1982

American History Museum
Powers of Ten Theater
October 15, 1981 – Closed

Be amazed by the Charles Eames film Powers of Ten presenting a mythical journey into space increasing one's distance from Earth 10 times every 10 seconds, and a similar journey returning into the human body at the same rate of speed.

Air and Space Museum
By Sea and By Land: Independence with the Help of France
October 10, 1981 – November 30, 1981

See portraits, paintings, letters, swords, cannon, and other objects commemorating the bicentennial of the Battle of Yorktown, the decisive battle of the Revolutionary War.

Smithsonian Castle
The Print in the U.S. from the 18th Century to the Present
October 2, 1981 – January 17, 1982

Trace the development of American printmaking from small engraved works of the 18th century to the large prints of the past 25 years in this exhibition of 90 prints from several Smithsonian museums.

American Art Museum
Sculpture at the Hirshhorn: Photographs by Lee Friedlander
October 1, 1981 – January 3, 1982

In conjunction with the reopening of the museum's sculpture garden, 52 black-and-white photographs of the original outdoor display are on view. 

Hirshhorn Museum
The Imperial Image: Painting for the Mughal Court
September 25, 1981 – January 31, 1982

See 74 works from 1560-1640, considered the most important period of Islamic art in India.

Freer Gallery
Cast and Recast: The Sculpture of Frederic Remington
September 18, 1981 – January 3, 1982

View 20 casts of Remington's best-known works, including early, late and posthumous casts, recasts from original bronzes, and replicas modeled by other artists. Also learn about French sand and lost wax casting through models, molds, tools, works in process, and photographs.

American Art Museum
Out of the Ordinary: Domestic and Ritual Furnishings from Africa
September 17, 1981 – October 31, 1981

View an exhibit of domestic furnishings that illustrates the aesthetic and spiritual qualities they have in common with ritual objects.

African Art Museum
R.B. Kitaj
September 17, 1981 – November 15, 1981

This exhibition, the first comprehensive retrospective of this American's works, includes 102 paintings and pastels. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Writing and Reading
September 15, 1981 – January 3, 1982

Learn from a range of objects from various periods and cultures that provide a survey of the basic skills of writing and reading.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Starfishes of the Atlantic Ocean
September 15, 1981 – March 31, 1982

Take in the first comprehensive study of starfish found in the Atlantic Ocean with starfish, photographs, maps, and related publications.

Natural History Museum
Americans in Glass
August 25, 1981 – November 15, 1981

View blown, cast, fabricated, and engraved pieces of contemporary studio glass by 20 invited artists and 55 selected by jury.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum