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Take your Choice: Contemporary Product Design
April 17, 1979 – May 13, 1979

Decide between two contrasting designs for each of ten products.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Japanese Collections in the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
April 10, 1979 – May 20, 1979

Visit a three-part collection of Japanese woodblock prints, sword guards, and textile stencils.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Olaf Skoogfors, 20th Century Goldsmith
April 6, 1979 – August 19, 1979

See pins, pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces and belt buckles, as well as candlesticks, pill boxes and tea and coffee pots made by Skoogfors, a founding member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

Renwick Gallery
MA, Space/Time in Japan
April 3, 1979 – May 27, 1979

Explore the ancient concept of time and space as a single entity with these Japanese objects.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
FONZ Photo Contest Winners
April 1, 1979 – April 30, 1979

See about 50 photographs, including winning prints in a Friends of the National Zoo contest. Zoo subjects are shown in black and white as well as in color.

National Zoo
Seymour Lipton: Aspects of Sculpture
March 16, 1979 – May 6, 1979

View 13 sculptures as well as 47 drawings and 25 maquettes (small working models) by one of the surviving giants of abstract expressionism. 

American Art Museum
Sales Exhibition: Crafts for the Tabletop
March 13, 1979 – May 31, 1979

Admire and purchase glass goblets and decanters, woven place mats and table scarves, silver and wrought iron flatware and napkin rings, pottery bowls, and plates and mugs, all the work of craftsmen from around the country.

Renwick Gallery
Gabor Peterdi: Forty-five Years of Printmaking
March 9, 1979 – April 29, 1979

See 42 etchings and engraving, emphasizing those created since 196. Peterdi's contributions to printmaking, particularly in color intaglio prints, are widely recognized.

American Art Museum
Out of Africa: From West African Kingdoms to Colonization
February 28, 1979 – June 30, 1980

Learn about early African civilizations, the slave trade, the abolitionist movement and the founding of the first African republic, Liberia, in this exhibition. Music, artifacts, accounts, documents and photographs depict the many ancient kingdoms of Africa.

Anacostia Community Museum
Indelible Images: Contemporary Advertising Design
February 6, 1979 – March 25, 1979

Consider 100 examples in an exhibition which explores the content and style of a number of advertising campaigns.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Four Guardian Kings from Kamakura Period
February 1, 1979 – November 1, 1979

View a rare set of 4 polychromed wood statues representing the guardians of the four cardinal directions from a Buddhist shrine.

Freer Gallery
Collages by Irwin Kremen
January 26, 1979 – March 25, 1979

Visit 53 intimately-scaled works created by the newly-recognized North Carolina artist, made from electrical tape, rust, wire, felt, celluloid, string and found papers.  

American Art Museum
The Dream King--Ludwig of Bavaria
January 23, 1979 – March 25, 1979

See designs for interiors, objects and the famous castles commissioned by Ludwig.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Sales Exhibition: Rivercane Baskets
January 16, 1979 – February 28, 1979

View 25 doubleweave contemporary baskets made by Eva Wolfe, a noted Cherokee basketweaver.

Renwick Gallery
Jackson Pollock: New Found Works
December 22, 1978 – February 11, 1979

Paintings, drawings and collages, many exhibited for the first time, are among the 105 works on view. Included are a complete series of early lithgraphs and pages from a newly-discovered sketchbook of 'psychoanalytic' drawings as well as bowls, copper placques and a mosiac. 

American Art Museum
Bo'jou Neejee--Profiles of Canadian Indian Art
December 19, 1978 – June 17, 1979

Admire Canadian Indian ingenuity and creativity as expressed in 191 objects made of skins, bone, wood, bark and quills.

Renwick Gallery
Miniature Zoo
December 15, 1978 – March 30, 1978

Be charmed by a collection of 19th century animal figures, toy zoos, Noah's arks and other miniature fauna.

National Zoo
Black Hawk and Keokuk:Prairie Rivals
December 15, 1978 – June 3, 1979

Explore the effects of the rivalry between the leaders of the Confederated Tribes of Sauk and Fox during the settlement of Illinois in the early 1880s.

Portrait Gallery
Victorian Christmas Tree
December 12, 1978 – December 31, 1978

Visit a 12-foot spruce tree decorated by the Renwick's volunteer docents with cornucopias, angels, candles, small presents, recycled Christmas cards, natural and painted evergreen pods and pine cones.

Renwick Gallery
The Shopping Bag: Portable Graphic Art
December 9, 1978 – January 27, 1979

Admire 100 20th-century shopping bags as well as rare examples of their 19th-century precursor, the bandbox.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum