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Time: Arts and Entertainment (Part II)
January 1, 1980 – February 29, 1980

Contemplate 49 likenesses from the Time magazine cover collection of 900 original paintings, drawings, photos, and sculptures acquired in 1978.

Portrait Gallery
Country Store Post Office
– July 21, 2006

This country store was located in Headsville, West Virginia, from the 1860s to 1971, serving as a post office about half those years.

American History Museum
Ryijy Rugs from Finland: 200 Years of a Textile Art
December 21, 1979 – March 16, 1980

Examine 30 rugs that illustrate stylistic progression in design as well as the changing uses of "ryijy" from bed covering, ceremonial rug, and bench cover to wall decoration.

Renwick Gallery
Jacob Kainen, Five Decades As a Painter
December 7, 1979 – January 6, 1980

Mark Kainen's 70th birthday and survey his career as a painter with these 19 oils.

American Art Museum
The Drawings of Morris Louis
December 6, 1979 – February 3, 1980

See 57 drawings, shown for the first time, that represent the earlier output of an artist who became notable as a painter.

American Art Museum
Hugo Robus (1885-1966)
November 30, 1979 – March 2, 1980

Take in a retrospective exhibition of 41 works including sculpture, paintings, drawings, and jewelry. Included are a group of oils, executed before 1920, the year Robus decided to concentrate on sculpture.

American Art Museum
A Century of Ceramics in the United States, 1878-1978
November 8, 1979 – January 27, 1980

Trace the growth of ceramics as an art form from its traditional art pottery roots to more recent pioneering personal statements in clay with these 231 works.

Renwick Gallery
Sales Exhibition: Not for Children Only: Toys and Other Pastimes
November 8, 1979 – December 15, 1978

Admire and purchase crafts for all ages--wooden and soft sculpture toys, adult games, puppets, dolls for children and doll caricatures for adults.

Renwick Gallery
Imperial Mughal Albums
November 1, 1979 – February 28, 1981

See 20 paintings from the court of India's 17th-century Mughal emperors.

Freer Gallery
Robert Edge Pine: A British Portrait Painter in America
November 1, 1979 – January 6, 1980

See 38 paintings of Americans painted by the English artist in America, 1784-1788.

Portrait Gallery
Sculpture and the Federal Triangle
October 26, 1979 – January 6, 1980

Examine 100 architectural drawings, preliminary drawings and models, and photographs that document the collaboration of architects, builders, sculptors, and craftsmen who designed and executed the decoration of 7 buildings in the Capital's "Federal Triangle."  

American Art Museum
The Great Crash
October 24, 1979 – April 20, 1980

Mark the 50th anniversary of Wall Street's "Black Thursday" in 1929, and focus on the personalities who shaped the times.

Portrait Gallery
After the Crash
October 24, 1979 – January 13, 1980

See 34 paintings and prints drawn largely from NMAA's New Deal collection that illustrate the variety of interpretations of the early years of the economic collapse by significant but little-known artists.

American Art Museum
Children of South Africa
October 15, 1979 – December 31, 1979

View 21 photographs by contemporary photo-journalist Peter Magubane.

Anacostia Community Museum
Eminent Figures from the American Catholic Religious Tradition
October 8, 1979 – November 22, 1979

In conjunction with the Papal visit, see portraits of notable American Catholics.

Smithsonian Castle
Irena Brynner: Jewelry Since 1950
September 28, 1979 – January 13, 1980

See 79 pieces of handwrought silver and gold jewelry, including chains, head ornaments, rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and wedding bands.

Renwick Gallery
Two Centuries of Change: The Idea of Downtown Washington
September 14, 1979 – October 11, 1979

Consider the diverse cultural heritages of the DC community through photographs, portrait reproductions and text in this exhibition which shows how downtown Washington has changed as a place to live, work and play.

Portrait Gallery
Prints for the People: Selections from New Deal Graphics Projects
September 14, 1979 – December 2, 1979

See 67 lithographs, etchings, woodcuts and screen prints that focus on the New York print workshop of the Works Projects Administration of the 1930s.  

American Art Museum
Sales Exhibition: Couturier Crafts
September 12, 1979 – October 31, 1979

Admire and purchase wearable art created by craftsmen across the country, including handwoven coats, sweaters, quilted vests, unusual hats and headgear and gold and silver jewelry.

Renwick Gallery
Smithsonian Museum Collections--A Selection
September 11, 1979 – January 6, 1980

View natural and man-made objects selected from Smithsonian collections to illustrate various design themes.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum