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Fanfare, Part II
July 27, 1984 – January 6, 1985

See 29 fans in the second segment of a 3-part exhibition that are examples of neoclassic, brise, Empire, and Gothic Revival fans as well as lithographed fans, popular in the mid-19th century.

Renwick Gallery
Fantasy and Imagination: Sculpture by Eugenie Gershoy
July 27, 1984 – January 20, 1985

View 24 fanciful and whimsical works executed in dextrine, papier-mache, and ceramic, many incised and painted. Some were created in the 1930s, while others were produced as recently as 1979.

American Art Museum
Expendable Launch Vehicles
July 18, 1984 – May 15, 1997

Explore the role of the single-use launch vehicle in this exhibit of models and photographs, including the Ariane, an Atlas Centaur, and a Delta Rocket.

Air and Space Museum
Gold in Miniature
July 13, 1984 – December 2, 1984

View a 4-inch gold pendant in the form of a mask, a fine example of the goldsmith's art from the Ivory Coast.

African Art Museum
Recent Acquisitions (1984)
July 11, 1984 – October 7, 1984

See approximately 40 works of art, mostly prints and photographs, acquired during the past year.

Portrait Gallery
The Gentleman from Indiana: Booth Tarkington (1869-1946)
July 6, 1984 – February 10, 1985

Centered around NPG's recently acquired 1906 portrait of Tarkington by John White Alexander, this small exhibition explores the once immense popularity of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Penrodand The Magnificent Ambersons.

Portrait Gallery
Jacksonville Bandstand
July 4, 1984 – January 18, 2010

See an original 19th-century bandstand, embellished with ornamental fretwork of metal and wood and painted in its original colors -- cream, red, and light green.

American History Museum
Copley Portrait: Mrs. Humphrey Devereaux
July 1, 1984 – August 31, 1989

Painted in Boston in 1770, John Singleton Copley's Mrs. Humphrey Devereaux is on a 3-year loan from the National Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.

American Art Museum
The Tibetan Yak in Art and Craft
June 23, 1984 – November 4, 1984

See 29 objects associated with the yak, a long-haired bovine that occupies an important position in Tibetan life. Included are items used in the preparation of yak-butter tea, a Tibetan staple, as well as an 18th-century painting of a yak by British artist George Stubbs.

Renwick Gallery
African Mankala
June 20, 1984 – October 7, 1984

See 27 sculptured gameboards and 11 related objects that depict the vital visual forms of Africa's popular game, mankala.

African Art Museum
Manhattan Skyline: New York Skyscrapers Between the Wars
June 12, 1984 – September 23, 1984

Celebrate the development and design of skyscrapers in New York City in the 1920s and 1930s through drawings, vintage photographs, models, and some examples of architectural ornament.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Artistic Collaboration in the Twentieth Century
June 9, 1984 – August 19, 1984

View more than 100 works by 70 teams of artists, both American and European, between 1913 and 1983, including Gilbert and George, Ernst and Arp, and Picasso and Dali. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Erastus Salisbury Field: 1805-1900
June 8, 1984 – September 4, 1984

View 73 portraits by one of America's preeminent 19th-century naive painters who lived and worked most of his life in the Connecticut River Valley.

Portrait Gallery
Erastus Salisbury Field: 1805-1900
June 8, 1984 – September 4, 1984

View 29 paintings and drawings in a major retrospective exhibition of one of America's preeminent 19th-century naive painters.

American Art Museum
Recently Acquired Chinese Ceramics
June 1, 1984 – June 30, 1984

See 8 pieces selected from the recently acquired collection of ancient Chinese ceramics.

Freer Gallery
Photographic Portraits of North American Indians in the Gallery of the Smithsonian
June 1, 1984 – January 15, 1985

See some 260 photographs of Native Americans, re-creating both the content and the ambience of the 1860s exhibition in the Smithsonian Castle, which marked the beginning of the SI collection of Native American portrait photographs.  

Natural History Museum
Advancing American Art: Politics and Aesthetics in the U.S. State Department
June 1, 1984 – October 8, 1984

See 73 oils and watercolors in a partial reconstruction of an exhibition organized by the State Department as the cultural arm of postwar reconstruction programs abroad.

American Art Museum
Prints 1960-1970/Selections from Collection
May 25, 1984 – December 9, 1984

Marvel at 38 works that document a new involvement in printmaking by prominent painters, many of them associated with the "pop" and "Op" movements, as well as a spirit of experimentation that characterized the period.

American Art Museum
Ethiopia: The Art of a Christian Nation
May 23, 1984 – August 5, 1984

See 18 painted wood icons that form the nucleus of an exhibition that illustrates the stylistic evolution of Ethiopian religious art.

African Art Museum
Exposed and Developed: Photography Sponsored by the NEA
May 18, 1984 – October 8, 1984

Visit 126 works by 64 photographers, selected from the 1300 transferred to NMAA by the National Endowment for the Arts in 1981.

American Art Museum