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Sojourners and Settlers: Yemeni Workers at Home and Abroad
October 1, 1987 – October 30, 1987

View 110 photographs taken by five American scholars and photographers who traveled in the Arabian peninsula nation of Yemen and in the industrial and agricultural regions of the U.S. where thousands of Yemenis have come in search of work.

Ripley Center
Ikebana Display
October 1, 1987 – October 3, 1987

View some half-dozen floral arrangements demonstrating the work of schools of Ikebana design.

Ripley Center
Recent Acquisitions: "Family," "Seedling," and "Jungle Palm"--Sculptures by Leo Amino
October 1, 1987 – October 30, 1987

Leo Amino (b. 1911) began carving in ebony. His interest in sculpture grew rapidly. By the mid-1940s he began to experiment with the materials for these works--plastic and cast polyester resin.

American Art Museum
A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution
October 1, 1987 – January 11, 2004

Witness the experiences of Japanese Americans during WWII; decision-making and citizen action under the U.S. Constitution.

American History Museum
Objects of Use
September 28, 1987 – September 25, 1988

See over 80 utilitarian objects also considered to be objects of art.

African Art Museum
African Art in the Cycle of Life
September 28, 1987 – March 20, 1988

See approximately 90 objects in this major international loan exhibition from public and private collections in Europe, the U.S., and Africa that demonstrate that art in Africa intersects most aspects of the life cycle with remarkable consistency.

African Art Museum
Patterns of Life: West African Stripweaving Traditions
September 28, 1987 – February 29, 1988

Trace the stylistic and technical development of West Africa's weaving traditions among the Fulbe, Soninke, Dyula, Ewe, and Yoruba people in this exhibition of 36 textiles.

African Art Museum
Royal Benin Art in the Collection of the National Museum of African Art
September 28, 1987 – February 28, 1988

View 21 objects from the permanent collection, ranging in date from the 16th to the 19th centuries, including wall plaques, altar pieces, and regalia.

African Art Museum
Images of Power and Identity
September 28, 1987 – May 31, 2004

View over 100 works of African art (wood, ivory, metal) selected from the museum's permanent collection.

African Art Museum
Contemporary Japanese Ceramics: Focus of Decoration
September 28, 1987 – April 24, 2005

See 9 ceramic vessels (in display cases) by Japanese artists who focus on innovative approaches to decoration.

Sackler Gallery
September 28, 1987 – March 31, 1988

See some 275 artifacts selected from Smithsonian museums and collections worldwide that examine the universality of the birth experience, an event which every culture in the world marks with symbolic images.

Ripley Center
Monsters, Myths and Minerals
September 28, 1987 – November 30, 1996

See over 120 Chinese jades, metalware, and ceramics from the Sackler gift.

Sackler Gallery
Nomads and Nobility: Art of the Ancient Near East
September 28, 1987 – October 26, 1992

View over 100 gold, silver, other metalware, and ivory objects from the Sackler gift, including many silver vessels such as animal-shaped rhytons and silver-and-gilt pouring vessels, or ewers.

Sackler Gallery
Temple Sculpture of South and Southeast Asia
September 28, 1987 – August 20, 1990

View 8 sculptures in bronze, schist, and granite from India, Indonesia, Cambodia, and present day Pakistan dating from the 3rd to the 14th centuries.

Sackler Gallery
Chinese Buddhist and Daoist Imagery
September 28, 1987 – August 20, 1990

See 10 sculptures in gilt, bronze, stone, and jade dating from the 2nd to the 11th centuries.

Sackler Gallery
In Praise of Ancestors: Ritual Objects from China
September 28, 1987 – January 2, 1989

View bronzes and neolithic jade from the Sackler gift, including 2 bronze vessels showing how naturalistic forms could be adapted to abstract interpretations; a dramatic graduated set of 6 bronze bells; and a silk manuscript, which is one of the most famous early Chinese documents known.

Sackler Gallery
Pavilions and Immortal Mountains: Chinese Decorative Art and Painting
September 28, 1987 – August 31, 1988

See over 200 jades, painting, lacquerware, and furniture from the Sackler gift, including Chinese paintings in three formats--hanging scrolls, handscrolls and album leaves--, and 16 articles of Chinese furniture from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.

Sackler Gallery
Persian and Indian Paintings: Selections from a Recent Acquisition (The Vever Collection)
September 28, 1987 – February 29, 1988

See 15 examples of painting and calligraphy from the Vever collection that offer a sampling of the collection of nearly 500 Islamic paintings and manuscripts that disappeared in the 1940s and remained unaccounted for until it was purchased by the museum.

Sackler Gallery
The Ice Age Origins of Early Man
September 24, 1987 – June 16, 1988

See tools and artifacts of the Clovis people, denizens of the Ice Age who were probably the first Americans. 

Natural History Museum
"Gold Rush" Bicycle
September 22, 1987 – April 15, 1988

See the "Gold Rush," an aerodynamically designed bicycle made of light-weight, synthetic materials, including aramid, spandex fibers, and polyester film.  

American History Museum

Results: 4628 items
Items Per Page: