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Eyewitness to Apollo 11 (Art Show)
July 14, 1989 – February 12, 1990

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the lunar landing through 26 works of art created during the Apollo program.

Air and Space Museum
The Deaf Way: Albert Newsam Lithographs
July 9, 1989 – September 5, 1989

See 4 portraits of Jaret Sparks, Luigi and Anibale Elena, and Robert Walsh by the deaf-mute artist, displayed in conjunction with the Deaf Way Conference.

Portrait Gallery
Science as Art: Marine Research in the Caribbean
July 8, 1989 – February 15, 1990

See scientific illustrations and underwater color photographs from the museum's coral reef station off the coast of Belize.

Ripley Center
Inside Active Volcanoes: Kilauea and Mount Saint Helens
July 6, 1989 – September 24, 1989

Color photomurals, backlit transparencies, film sequences, and models capture the power and beauty of eruptions of Kilauea and Mount St. Helens.  

Natural History Museum
Stratigraphy's Golden Age: Murchison and his Silurian System
July 3, 1989 – July 31, 1989

Commemorate the 150th anniversary of Roderick Impey Murchison's publication of The Silurian System(1839), a landmark contribution to stratigraphy (a branch of geology). 

American History Museum
Recent Installation: Market Day Outside the Walls of Tangier
July 1, 1989 – July 31, 1989

See paintings by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

American Art Museum
Flower Watercolors by M. Stodgell
June 30, 1989 – September 29, 1996

On view are watercolors of flowers by M. Stodgell.   

Natural History Museum
Orchid Illustrations by Regina Olson Hughes
June 30, 1989 – July 30, 1990

See watercolors by Department of Botany scientific illustrator and artist Dr. Regina Olson Hughes.  

Natural History Museum
Men and Women: A History of Costume, Gender and Power
June 28, 1989 – February 24, 1991

Examine the standards of appearance and behavior for men and women in American culture from the 18th to the 20th century. 

American History Museum
Yani: The Brush of Innocence
June 25, 1989 – October 22, 1989

See 69 paintings by young Chinese artist Wang Yani, who began painting at age 2, along with a small group of historical Chinese paintings that illustrate the artistic tradition from which her work emerges.

Sackler Gallery
Zoo Centennial Historic Photo Exhibition
June 22, 1989 – October 1, 1991

Visit selection of historic photographs taken during the past 100 years at the Zoo, commemorating both the 100th anniversary of the Zoo and the 150th anniversary of the invention of photography.

National Zoo
Robert Moskowitz: 1959-1989
June 21, 1989 – September 17, 1989

This retrospective features more than 65 collages, mixed-media drawings and paintings by the contemporary American artist, who gained wide recognition as a "New Image" painter in the late 1970s. 

Hirshhorn Museum
The Essential Gourd
June 20, 1989 – January 4, 1990

See approximately 100 gourds from Northern Nigeria that illustrate both traditional and modern motifs, as well as different decorative techniques.

African Art Museum
Sesame Street, 1969-1989: The First 20 Years
June 20, 1989 – October 15, 1989

Sesame Street memorabilia includes Ernie's rubber ducky, Oscar the Grouch and his trashcan, Big Bird, Slimey, Mr. Hooper's store front, the Sesame Street lamp post and sign, original animation cells, and story boards. 

American History Museum
"Blockade and Airlift: Legend Or Lesson?" The Berlin Crisis of 1948-1949
June 19, 1989 – July 7, 1989

Aircraft models and more than 60 photographs illustrate the remarkable effort of the Berlin airlift.

Air and Space Museum
1989 Presidential Scholars' Exhibition
June 18, 1989 – June 25, 1989

See 30 works of art by 7 high school students-- the1989 Presidential Scholars in the Arts.

American Art Museum
Aeropittura Futurista: Images of Flight in Italian Art (1913-1942)
June 16, 1989 – October 2, 1989

Learn about Italian Futurism, the first modern art movement to embrace technology as subject matter, in this exhibit of paintings, photographs, documents and books.

Air and Space Museum
Caribbean Festival Arts
June 3, 1989 – February 15, 1990

Examine how three Caribbean festivals - Jonkonnu, Carnival, and Hosay - represent the intellectual life, culture, politics, and natural resources of the region.

Ripley Center
Jamaica: A Photographic Essay
June 3, 1989 – February 15, 1990

View 130 images showing every facet of the land and its people by Jamaican-born photographer Ray Chen.

Ripley Center
Lahore: The City Within
June 1, 1989 – July 29, 1989

View 50 photographs by Pakistani photographer Samina Quraeshi of historical Lahore, a Mogul city and British colonial capital in northeast Pakistan.

Ripley Center

Results: 4627 items
Items Per Page: