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Recent Acquisitions (1988)
February 20, 1988 – August 14, 1988

View paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, and drawings recently acquired by the NPG, including large-scale color posters of Rita Hayworth and Thomas A. Edison.

Portrait Gallery
Expressiv: Central European Art Since 1960
February 18, 1988 – April 17, 1988

Survey the expressionist impulse in central European art of the past three decades through works by more than 30 artists. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Red Diamond
February 2, 1988 – January 30, 1995

See a 5.03-carat red diamond--the first of its kind ever permanently displayed in a public museum. 

Natural History Museum
Recent Acquisition: Brownstone (by Harvey Dinnerstein)
February 2, 1988 – February 28, 1988

Dinnerstein's traditional realist style utilizes the focused light that recalls the works of Caravaggio, Watteau, and Manet. This painting, portraying neighborhood activities around a brownstone's doorway, represents a conscious rebuttal to abstract art.

American Art Museum
Focus on Flight (1987 Photography Contest Winners)
January 27, 1988 – July 30, 1988

See 40 photographs, including 12 award winners, that were entries in a recent photography contest at the museum.

Air and Space Museum
Special Delivery: Murals for the New Deal Era (Post Office Mural Studies)
January 15, 1988 – September 11, 1988

Recall the "New Deal" through 70 paintings, drawings, and sculptures commissioned by the U.S. Treasury Department as part of the Depression's social programs.

American Art Museum
1988 Staff Art Show
January 1, 1988 – January 31, 1988

This 2-week exhibition features the works of 30 artists who create art in their "time off" from working at a variety of careers at the museum. Included are works on canvas and other media.

American Art Museum
Recent Acquisitions Night Ship/Submerged Channel/The Frozen Sea
January 1, 1988 – January 31, 1988

John Roloff, the artist, experiments with clay formulas and unorthodox materials for glazes to achieve, in this case, a magic aqueous winter garden in miniature, suggesting ancient underwater wrecks, ghostly ships that have sunk to abyssal depths.

American Art Museum
The New Spirit: Artist-Organizers of the Armory Show (Madison Gallery Group)
December 21, 1987 – March 13, 1988

The exhibition focuses on the overlooked careers and achievements of the original show's five artists-organizers, collectively known as the Madison Gallery Group. 

Hirshhorn Museum
U.S. Customs Service: The War Against Drugs
December 18, 1987 – September 15, 1989

Through photographs, films, and aircraft models, the exhibition illustrates the complex technology used in tracking smugglers of illegal drugs.

Air and Space Museum
Butterflies and Their Flowers: Paintings by Biruta Akerbergs Hansen
December 8, 1987 – September 29, 1996

See 10 acrylic paintings by Baltimore-based natural science illustrator Biruta Akerbergs Hansen, whose art has appeared in Smithsonian and other magazines, books, and museums locally and nationally.  

Natural History Museum
Christmas Tree Decorated by Associates
December 6, 1987 – January 8, 1988

See a Christmas tree, decorated by the National Associates Travel Program's Washington Anytime Weekend participants, that features handcrafted ornaments from the U.S. and abroad.

Directions: Joel Shapiro, Painted Wood
December 2, 1987 – February 28, 1988

Featured in this review are 12 painted wood sculptures by the artist, known for his sharply geometric, Minimalist style.

Hirshhorn Museum
Sol Lewitt Works
December 2, 1987 – February 28, 1988

For this first in a series of Works exhibition, displayed is a wall drawing by the Conceptual artist (b. 1928), known for his use of grids and other geometric forms. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Zuni Pottery
December 1, 1987 – May 25, 2004

This exhibition features three cases of 19th-century pottery -- including jars, canteens, and bowls -- made by the Zuni people of the southwestern United States. 

Natural History Museum
Renwick Featured Object--"Listening to the East Wind"
December 1, 1987 – March 6, 1988

View a ceramic sculpture by Rudy Autio that features robust female nudes and a pair of galloping horses.

Renwick Gallery
Art in the Parks Contest Entries
December 1, 1987 – December 18, 1987

View 100 entries, including 6 finalists, in the recent Art in the Parks contest, sponsored by the National Park Foundation and the National Park Academy of the Arts.

Smithsonian Castle
Early American Cultures: Illustrations from the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
December 1, 1987 – February 1, 1988

View a bilingual, English-Spanish exhibition that features 12 original drawings by artist-researcher Jose Perez de Arce, which portray aspects of life in the Andean cultural area before the European conquest.

Ripley Center
Supreme Instants: The Photography of Edward Weston
December 1, 1987 – January 31, 1988

See 237 photographs by one of the most important figures in 20th-century photography.

American Art Museum
Recent Acquisitions "Bringing Home the Newborn Lamb" (painting by Elliott Daingerfield, 1890)
December 1, 1987 – December 31, 1987

The artist, whose work was modeled after the Barbizon school, spread through his work a "gospel" of the superiority of a rural life, as demonstrated in this painting.

American Art Museum