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American Pressed Glass Tablewares, 1875-1900
April 30, 1992 – September 19, 1993

See more than 100 examples of late 19th-century pressed glass tableware. 

American History Museum
Frank Stella: Prints from the Collection
April 17, 1992 – September 20, 1992

Some 20 abstract prints created by American artist Frank Stella (b. 1936) between 1967 and 1970 incorporate striped, shaped, or geometric motifs related to Stella's paintings of the period. 

Hirshhorn Museum
Arnold Newman's Americans
April 15, 1992 – August 16, 1992

See Newman's photographs of major personalities of post-depression America that were published in such national magazines as Life, Look, Fortune, and Holiday.

Portrait Gallery
Medvedev: Mineral Masterpieces
April 10, 1992 – October 17, 1995

Featuring 25 handcrafted inlaid boxes of precious gems, the artist Medvedev incorporates exquisite minerals including opal, lapis lazuli, turquoise, jasper, tourmaline, malachite, and select gemstones to create intricate geometric patterns. 

Natural History Museum
Living Marine Ecosystems
April 6, 1992 – January 3, 1994

A small section of this exhibition is open as an experiment to measure public opinion and to measure if changes need to be made for the official June opening. 

Natural History Museum
Elizabeth Layton: Drawing on Life
April 3, 1992 – June 28, 1992

Approximately 30 drawings by Elizabeth Layton on such themes as aging, depression, dieting, marriage, death, grandmothering, world hunger, and the nuclear threat are featured in this retrospective.

American Art Museum
First Ladies: Political Role and Public Image
March 29, 1992 – July 16, 2006

This exhibition examines the evolving role of the First Lady and presents a new understanding of the demanding responsibilities of presidential wives and hostesses.

American History Museum
Poster Portraits
March 27, 1992 – August 16, 1992

This exhibition features posters promoting wild west shows, athletic events, political campaigns, and Hollywood films.

Portrait Gallery
John McQueen: The Language of Containment
March 20, 1992 – July 26, 1992

Enjoy this artist's first solo exhibition of 43 baskets made of unconventional natural materials, with written text often woven into their forms, becoming literally containers of language.

Renwick Gallery
Weaving a Mayan Heritage: Clothing by Juana Cavanaugh
March 18, 1992 – September 14, 1992

Discover traditional vestments handmade by Juana Cavanaugh, an Ixil Indian from Guatemala.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
When Kingship Descended from Heaven: Masterpieces of Mesopotamian Art from the Louvre
March 8, 1992 – August 9, 1992

See 32 objects created between 3500 B.C. and 2230 B.C. in the kingdoms of Sumer and Akkad that explore the relationship between kingship and society.

Sackler Gallery
Between Home and Heaven: Contemporary American Landscape Photography
March 6, 1992 – June 28, 1992

Reconsider America's relationship to the land by addressing a broad spectrum of issues related to individual and cultural interaction with the natural landscape in these 131 works created by photographers.

American Art Museum
Views of Paradise: Tile Paintings by Marie Balian
February 29, 1992 – July 26, 1992

View an exhibition of tile paintings depicting Middle Eastern gardens by Marie Balian, an artist of Armenian descent.

Ripley Center
Star Trek
February 28, 1992 – January 31, 1993

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the debut of the television show Star Trek, this exhibition addresses the social, political, and cultural issues and themes raised in the series.

Air and Space Museum
The Boy and His Press
February 28, 1992 – January 29, 1995

Toy printing presses, documents, newspapers, and ads of the 1870s tell the story of children's working toys and the amateur journalists they spawned.  

American History Museum
Indians As Children See Them
February 19, 1992 – April 19, 1992

Enjoy 51 works of children's art selected for the Fifth Annual Juried Native American Art & Essay Exhibition. The art works selected offer vivid interpretations of Native American cultures as depicted by New York school children ages 5 through 18.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
Etiquette of the Undercaste
February 14, 1992 – April 15, 1992

Visit an installation created by Antenna Theater to provide visitors with an abstract view of poverty in America.

Arts and Industries
Directions: Francesc Torres: Memorial
February 13, 1992 – May 3, 1992

A dramatic sculptural environment by this Spanish-born, New York-based artist offers reflections on the Persian Gulf War.

Hirshhorn Museum
World's Fairs
February 12, 1992 – September 26, 1992

Illustrating the impact of world's fairs on modern life, this exhibit covers fairs from London's mid-19th-century Crystal Palace through fairs and expositions in Paris, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, and others up to 1940.  

American History Museum
Pitchers, Pots, and Pipkins: Clues to Plantation Life
February 11, 1992 – February 1, 1993

This case of 11 archaeological specimens provides evidence of the active culture of Africans and Native Americans within the plantation setting. 

Natural History Museum

Results: 4660 items
Items Per Page: