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American Wicker
April 2, 1993 – August 1, 1993

Trace the history of American woven furniture from the delicate, Japanese-inspired designs of the Aesthetic movement through the High Victorian era to the simplicity of the Arts and Crafts style.

Renwick Gallery
Directions: Alison Saar
April 1, 1993 – July 25, 1993

Expressive figurative sculptures and wall pieces reflect African American lore.

Hirshhorn Museum
March 30, 1993 – October 17, 1993

Learn how the 50 objects on view were selected to become a part of the museum's collection.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Body & Soul: The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
March 28, 1993 – June 13, 1993

See costumes and prop designs by Romare Bearden and Randy Barcelo celebrating the 35th anniversary of famed dance theater.

Anacostia Community Museum
American Impressions: Masterworks from American Art Forum Collections
March 27, 1993 – July 5, 1993

View 60 paintings and sculptures selected from the private collections of the museum's American Art Forum members.

American Art Museum
Indians As Children See Them
March 9, 1993 – May 30, 1993

Observe 43 works by New York City school children who share their understanding of Native American cultures in this 6th annual juried exhibition.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
Saynday was Coming Along...Silverhorn's Drawings of the Kiowa Trickster
March 6, 1993 – August 8, 1993

Original drawings by Silverhorn (1861-1940), the noted 19th-century American Indian artist, illustrate the adventures of Saynday, the Kiowa trickster. 

Natural History Museum
Children's Banner Project for the 52nd Presidential Inauguration
February 19, 1993 – March 1, 1993

See the 3 x 6 foot banners for the inauguration of President Clinton made by children from Washington, D.C. schools.

Arts and Industries
Figure and Fantasy: The Miniature World of David Beck
February 19, 1993 – March 29, 1993

Enjoy a fun and witty installation of animated musical objects created by this San Francisco artist.

American Art Museum
Manufactured Weather
February 16, 1993 – November 7, 1993

This showcase focuses on the development of indoor climate controlling machinery. 

American History Museum
Susan Rothenberg: Paintings and Drawings
February 11, 1993 – May 9, 1993

Visit a retrospective honoring this American (b. 1945) noted for her painterly fusion of recognizable and abstract forms--horses, figures and heads, for instance.

Hirshhorn Museum
Joined Colors: Decoration and Meaning in Chinese Porcelain
January 31, 1993 – November 28, 1993

Visit 79 examples of 15th- and 19th-century Chinese porcelain with overglaze enamel decoration that are on loan from the Min Chiu Society, a group of Hong Kong collectors.

Sackler Gallery
The Telling Image: Portrait Photographs from the Archives of American Art
January 22, 1993 – June 6, 1993

See 56 photographic images of artists and photographers, chosen from the over 500,000 in the Archives of American Art collection, that span the history of photography.

Portrait Gallery
"The Family 1976": Richard Avedon's Portraits for Rolling Stone
January 22, 1993 – June 6, 1993

These 69 photographs from 1976 show some of the most powerful individuals during the bicentennial year.

Portrait Gallery
Pipe Organ Revival: Traditional Organ Building in the United States
January 19, 1993 – October 24, 1993

This showcase of photographs and artifacts explores the recent changes in the ancient craft of organ building.   

American History Museum
Campaign Close-up: Photographs by Tipper Gore
January 16, 1993 – January 24, 1993

View 40 photographs taken by the wife of the Vice President-elect during the 1992 Presidential Campaign and exhibited on the occasion of the 52nd Presidential Inaugural.

American Art Museum
White House Needlepoint Christmas Ornaments
January 15, 1993 – February 28, 1993

Admire a display of needlepoint Christmas ornaments used in the White House, including a Renwick ornament made by Barbara Bush.

Renwick Gallery
Hidden Americans: Photographs of Gypsies by Carlos De Wendle
January 15, 1993 – June 27, 1993

Approximately 60 photographs document the lifestyle and culture of gypsies in the United States.

American History Museum
Young Visions: A New Look at Our World Beyond Homelessness
January 1, 1993 – March 1, 1993

See 25 photographs by 3 young, formerly homeless photographers known as "Dion and Friends" that depict both the hardships and the triumphs of their lives.

Arts and Industries
Four Native Voices: A Decade of Artistry
January 1, 1993 – June 30, 1994

See musical instruments and art work by local Native American artists, and listen to the artists discuss their works.

American Indian Museum Heye Center

Results: 4664 items
Items Per Page: