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1992 Trees of Christmas
December 12, 1992 – January 3, 1993

Visit a variety of trees highlighting different time periods and a vast array of traditions by which Americans affirm their identity and affiliation to families, regions, aesthetics, ethnic origins, beliefs, and lifestyles. 

American History Museum
Aids Awareness Installation
December 1, 1992 – February 28, 1993

See works from the museum's collections by architects and designers who have died of AIDS.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Metalwork and Ceramics from Ancient Iran
November 26, 1992 – February 8, 2004

See 51 metal and clay artifacts created in western Iran in the period 2300 B.C.-100 B.C. that are evidence of the manipulation of the properties of materials by the application of heat.

Sackler Gallery
From Background to Foreground: Looking at an 18th-Century Wallpaper
November 24, 1992 – April 6, 1993

See an arabesque-patterned wallpaper printed by the renowned French manufacturer Jean-Baptiste Reveillon that shows the range of designs available during the 1780s and how the designs were derived from pattern books and other sources.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Revolution, Life, and Labor: Soviet Porcelains, 1918-1985
November 24, 1992 – April 4, 1993

See 250 plates, vessels, and figures ornamented with communist political slogans, soviet heroes, and traditional Russian themes that document history from the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) to glasnost (1985).

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Vision & Revision: The Hand-colored Prints of Wayne Thiebaud
November 20, 1992 – February 15, 1993

Explore the role of the unique hand-colored print in contemporary printmaking in 70 works by Thiebaud.

American Art Museum
Prints by California Artists
November 20, 1992 – February 15, 1993

More than 40 prints provide a brief overview of printmaking in California during the 20th century.

American Art Museum
Put the City Up: Chicago Architecture, 1800-1992
November 20, 1992 – March 14, 1993

Trace the architectural style of skyscrapers in Chicago from 1800 to the present with examples from architects such as Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright. 

American History Museum
Pathways of Tradition: Indian Insights into Indian Worlds
November 15, 1992 – January 24, 1993

Visit a selection of 103 objects representing a cross-section of American Indian cultures from the museum's one million artifact collection.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
The Navajo: Portrait of a Nation
November 13, 1992 – December 31, 1993

Visit a collection of photographic portraits and landscapes that reveal the people, the culture, and the land that comprise the Navajo Nation. 

American History Museum
Kiowa Culture in Transition, 1925-1955: The Photographs of Horace Poolaw
November 13, 1992 – January 5, 1993

See 72 photographs that document fifty years of the Kiowa people and their struggle to reconcile traditional values with the pressures of mainstream American culture. 

American History Museum
Life in the White House
November 9, 1992 – January 21, 1993

Explore life in the White House as depicted by students with disabilities in this juried exhibition sponsored by the White House Historical Association and Very Special Arts.

Ripley Center
In Pursuit of Fame: Rembrandt Peale 1778-1860
November 6, 1992 – February 15, 1993

Visit 75 paintings, letters, and publications that explore Peale's gift for using portraiture to express the social, philosophical, and political concerns of his time.

Portrait Gallery
An Eye on the Past: Photographs of Washington's Historical Landmarks
November 1, 1992 – December 13, 1992

See 25 large format images photographed by architectural photographer Carol M. Highsmith that capture the rich beauty and diversity of the District's architecture.

Anacostia Community Museum
The Golden Age of Sculpture from Sri Lanka
November 1, 1992 – September 26, 1993

Observe 52 ancient masterpieces of bronze casting include Buddhist and Hindu sculpture that provide evidence of a distinct Sri Lankan aesthetic.

Sackler Gallery
Personal Legacy: The Healing of a Nation -- Keepsakes from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
October 27, 1992 – September 14, 2003

Visit a selection of personal artifacts left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial during its first 10 years in existence.  

American History Museum
Eva Hesse: A Retrospective
October 15, 1992 – January 10, 1993

Approximately 40 sculptures and wall reliefs and 60 drawings and paintings by Hesse reveal the process of their creation and suggest dream-like allusions to organisms or body parts.

Hirshhorn Museum
Elmina: Art and Trade on the West African Coast
October 14, 1992 – May 2, 1993

View unique gold objects, appliqued and embroidered cloths, and brass weights that reflect the many influences that shaped Elmina, a fortified trading post established in 1480 by the Portuguese.

African Art Museum
Science in the Age of Columbus
October 12, 1992 – June 8, 1993

Early printed books displaying contemporary knowledge of science at the time of Columbus are shown.

American History Museum
The American Wildlife Image and Charles Frace
October 9, 1992 – May 2, 1993

View a collection of over 35 realistic paintings by this wildlife artist. 

Natural History Museum

Results: 4640 items
Items Per Page: