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White House Needlepoint Christmas Ornaments
January 15, 1993 – February 28, 1993

Admire a display of needlepoint Christmas ornaments used in the White House, including a Renwick ornament made by Barbara Bush.

Renwick Gallery
Hidden Americans: Photographs of Gypsies by Carlos De Wendle
January 15, 1993 – June 27, 1993

Approximately 60 photographs document the lifestyle and culture of gypsies in the United States.

American History Museum
Young Visions: A New Look at Our World Beyond Homelessness
January 1, 1993 – March 1, 1993

See 25 photographs by 3 young, formerly homeless photographers known as "Dion and Friends" that depict both the hardships and the triumphs of their lives.

Four Native Voices: A Decade of Artistry
January 1, 1993 – June 30, 1994

See musical instruments and art work by local Native American artists, and listen to the artists discuss their works.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
Supplement to Richmond Barthe/Richard Hunt: Two Sculptors, Two Eras
December 20, 1992 – March 20, 1993

See photographs depicting the Washington "presence" of Richmond Barthe and Richard Hunt.

Anacostia Community Museum
Richmond Barthe/Richard Hunt: Two Sculptors, Two Eras
December 20, 1992 – February 28, 1993

See 36 works and photomurals that survey the long and distinguished careers of 2 African American sculptors.

Anacostia Community Museum
19th-Century Photographs from Sri Lanka
December 20, 1992 – May 9, 1993

See 22 photographs were taken by resident British photographers W. L. H. Skeen and Charles T. Scowen at the end of the 19th century when Sri Lanka was a British colony.

Sackler Gallery
Recent Acquisitions (1992-1993)
December 17, 1992 – June 6, 1993

View portraits of notable Americans that have been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery, including photographs of photographers Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Berenice Abbott, Robert Frank, and Edward Weston.

Portrait Gallery
Directions: Jac Leirner
December 17, 1992 – March 14, 1993

Accumulations of once-valued, now useless, objects characterize the work of Leirner.

Hirshhorn Museum
Where Next, Columbus?
December 12, 1992 – March 4, 2002

Examine the motives and methods of past and present space exploration, as well as the options and possibilities for the future.

Air and Space Museum
1992 Trees of Christmas
December 12, 1992 – January 3, 1993

Visit a variety of trees highlighting different time periods and a vast array of traditions by which Americans affirm their identity and affiliation to families, regions, aesthetics, ethnic origins, beliefs, and lifestyles. 

American History Museum
Aids Awareness Installation
December 1, 1992 – February 28, 1993

See works from the museum's collections by architects and designers who have died of AIDS.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Metalwork and Ceramics from Ancient Iran
November 26, 1992 – February 8, 2004

See 51 metal and clay artifacts created in western Iran in the period 2300 B.C.-100 B.C. that are evidence of the manipulation of the properties of materials by the application of heat.

Sackler Gallery
From Background to Foreground: Looking at an 18th-Century Wallpaper
November 24, 1992 – April 6, 1993

See an arabesque-patterned wallpaper printed by the renowned French manufacturer Jean-Baptiste Reveillon that shows the range of designs available during the 1780s and how the designs were derived from pattern books and other sources.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Revolution, Life, and Labor: Soviet Porcelains, 1918-1985
November 24, 1992 – April 4, 1993

See 250 plates, vessels, and figures ornamented with communist political slogans, soviet heroes, and traditional Russian themes that document history from the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) to glasnost (1985).

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Vision & Revision: The Hand-colored Prints of Wayne Thiebaud
November 20, 1992 – February 15, 1993

Explore the role of the unique hand-colored print in contemporary printmaking in 70 works by Thiebaud.

American Art Museum
Prints by California Artists
November 20, 1992 – February 15, 1993

More than 40 prints provide a brief overview of printmaking in California during the 20th century.

American Art Museum
Put the City Up: Chicago Architecture, 1800-1992
November 20, 1992 – March 14, 1993

Trace the architectural style of skyscrapers in Chicago from 1800 to the present with examples from architects such as Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright. 

American History Museum
Pathways of Tradition: Indian Insights into Indian Worlds
November 15, 1992 – January 24, 1993

Visit a selection of 103 objects representing a cross-section of American Indian cultures from the museum's one million artifact collection.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
The Navajo: Portrait of a Nation
November 13, 1992 – December 31, 1993

Visit a collection of photographic portraits and landscapes that reveal the people, the culture, and the land that comprise the Navajo Nation. 

American History Museum