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Works by Jesse Trevino: New York, Vietnam, San Antonio
September 16, 1994 – January 8, 1995

This exhibition features 9 paintings and drawings by this photorealistic painter.

American Art Museum
Man on Fire: Luis Jimenez
September 16, 1994 – January 2, 1995

View 41 sculptures and graphics that highlight the themes this Mexican-American artist has captured in his work.

American Art Museum
Unwelcome: Moritz Schoenberger and the S.S. St. Louis
September 15, 1994 – April 10, 1996

Letters, documents, and photographs tell the story of Moritz Schoenberger, a Holocaust survivor who traveled aboard the S.S. St. Louis with Jewish refugees in 1939.

Postal Museum
The Structure of Style: Modernism in Dutch Applied Arts 1880-1930
September 13, 1994 – August 20, 1995

Examine Dutch Modernism through decorative arts from Art Nouveau through functionalism (1880-1930) in this exhibit.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Home Care Becomes a Profession: Public Health Nursing 1885-1993
September 13, 1994 – September 17, 1995

This exhibition uses photographs to depict the Public Health Nursing Service from its inception to the present day.  

American History Museum
Aerial Inspirations: Silk Batiks by Mary Edna Fraser
September 9, 1994 – June 4, 1995

Admire 50 of Mary Edna Fraser's large-scale, silk batik art works, which demonstrate the interplay of water, land, and sky patterns. Images are based on her own aerial photography as well as satellite images.

Air and Space Museum
Balloons: The Birth of Flight, 1783-1793
September 2, 1994 – April 16, 1995

This exhibit tells the story of the invention of the balloon during the late 18th century.  

American History Museum
Beyond Paper: Chinese Calligraphy on Objects
August 27, 1994 – April 21, 1995

Appreciate the varied uses of calligraphy on 36 utilitarian and decorative works, spanning the 7th to the early 19th centuries.

Freer Gallery
Sculptures from the Flames: Ceramics by Gustav and Ulla Kraitz
August 26, 1994 – November 27, 1994

View 28 sculptures by Swedish artists Ulla and Gustav Kraitz created using traditional Chinese techniques.

Smithsonian Gardens
Sculptures from the Flames: Ceramics by Gustav and Ulla Kraitz
August 26, 1994 – November 27, 1994

View 28 sculptures by Swedish artists Ulla and Gustav Kraitz created using traditional Chinese techniques of glazing and firing.

Ripley Center
Ancient Egyptian Glass
August 24, 1994 – June 12, 1998

View 15 glass vessels for storing scented oils, perfumed ointments, or cosmetics.

Freer Gallery
Black Mosaic: Community, Race and Ethnicity among Black Immigrants in Washington, D.C.
August 21, 1994 – September 4, 1995

See an exhibit that looks at people of African descent and their migration to D.C. area, and examine how perceptions of race, color, class, and ethnicity shape people's identities.

Anacostia Community Museum
An Introduction to the Carnegie Mansion
August 16, 1994 – August 20, 1995

Visit an exhibition that introduces the history of the mansion now housing the museum.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Imagining Families: Images and Voices
August 15, 1994 – February 28, 1995

Using mixed media, 15 current American artists weave family images into statements on U.S. culture.

Arts and Industries
Landscape As Culture: Photographs by Lois Conner
August 14, 1994 – May 30, 1995

See how 87 platinum photographs, taken with a 100-year-old banquet camera, reveal the intersection of nature and humanity in China and South Asia.

Sackler Gallery
Gems of Hawaii: The Honolulu Advertiser Collection
July 29, 1994 – October 16, 1994

This exhibition of rare stamps traces the history of the Hawaiian Kingdom, its rulers, and the political change that swept the territory in the 19th century.

Postal Museum
Directions: Jeanne Dunning
July 21, 1994 – November 2, 1994

This first solo exhibition by this Chicago-based artist features some 25 color photos, mostly new work from the 1990s.

Hirshhorn Museum
Segesser Hide Paintings: Early Images of Cultural Conflict in North America
July 19, 1994 – October 30, 1994

This exhibit includes two large buffalo-hide paintings dating from the early 1700's and objects representative of the period, such as a sword, shield, stirrup, and a broadsword. 

American History Museum
Gertrude Kasebier, Photographer
July 8, 1994 – October 2, 1994

This exhibition features portraits and experimental and avant garde photographs by this pioneer art photographer, who was a leader in the Photo-Secession movement at the turn of the century.

Portrait Gallery
Bahamian Visions: The Art of Amos Ferguson
July 1, 1994 – July 10, 1994

See paintings by the noted Bahamian folk artist Amos Ferguson.

Ripley Center

Results: 4596 items
Items Per Page: