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Time Covers the 1960s

<i>Time</i> Covers the 1960s

September 26, 2014 – August 9, 2015

Museum: Portrait Gallery

Location: 2nd Floor, North

Week in and week out, Time magazine covered the 1960s using all manner of covers created by some of the foremost artists of the day. Original cover art from the museum’s Time collection explores a selection of the major newsmakers, trends, and happenings that defined the 1960s, known as the “Age of Aquarius.” It began with the Kennedy inauguration and a presidency nicknamed “Camelot” and ended with “one giant leap for mankind,” as Apollo 11 ferried people to the surface of the moon and back. In the intervening years, Time covered the Cold War; Cuban Missile Crisis; escalation of the Vietnam War; civil rights; the women’s movement; and such cultural phenomena as the Beatles, hippies, and the sexual revolution.

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