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Tropical Rain Forests: A Disappearing Treasure

May 21, 1988 – January 2, 1989

Museum: Ripley Center

Location: International Gallery, Sublevel 3

Tropical rain forests are being destroyed at a rate of 95 acres per minute. This exhibition examines tropical rain forests and the causes and global consequences of losing these natural resources.

Three major themes are presented:

  • ecology of the rain forests -- beauty and diversity
  • people of the rain forest
  • destruction of the rain forest--causes, consequences, and possible solutions

Features of the exhibition include:

  • 180-degree slide-and-sound presentation
  • interactive video disc computer game
  • ethnographic and scientific objects
  • video stations
  • photo murals

Organized by the International Center and SITES, the exhibition and programs mark the Columbus Quincentenary (1492-1992).


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